Meet the Manager Behind Pornhub's Social Media


This Paper piece by Sandra Song profiles Pornhub’s social media manager and the secrets to her success. Find an excerpt below, then the full piece here:

“Despite never being involved in an adult productions herself, Aria Nathaniel — better known as Pornhub Aria — is arguably one of the most visible players in the porn industry. The online face of Pornhub, she's been the brand's social media manager for several years, and in that time, has cultivated an irreverent, wickedly funny online presence that's inspired a league of copycat accounts, all while blowing other brands' engagement numbers out of the water (look no further than the brand's 1.69 million Twitter and 8.1 million Instagram followers). More impressively though, Aria also manages to do this in the midst of an uphill battle against everyone from trolls to creeps to big tech censorship — all with a smile and, sometimes, a meme.”