As a member of NSFW we are entrusting you with helping to contribute not only to an inviting atmosphere, but also to a place where guests can explore radical self-expression safely.

We encourage a friendly atmosphere.

Hugs are encouraged.

Kind words are welcomed. 

We have zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior. This includes non-consensual contact, exhibiting harmful or hurtful behavior, contributing to others feeling unsafe, or becoming overly intoxicated.

There is a process in place for reporting inappropriate behavior. Contact with any reported issues.  We are entrusting you to report anything of concern to event hosts. If it is reported and confirmed that a guest is partaking in illegal activities or non-consensual behavior, they will be asked to leave the event and will incur membership penalties. 

Consent is sexy. It’s also required-so don’t be a creeper.  We encourage all members to practice Enthusiastic Consent.  Find our more about enthusiastic consent here. 

Do not linger or meet friends in front of the host venue, before arriving and/or after departing the event. Keep noise to a minimum outside of events. We have neighbors and noise complaints draw unwanted attention from law enforcement. 

Do not share your NSFW PASSWORD. This is the password used to access our events, network and archive. Sharing will result in immediate termination of membership.

Please respect the privacy of all members. NSFW is a private community to play with like minded partners in crime. Failure to respect a members desire for discretion will result in immediate termination of membership. Do not contact members via social profiles outside of This makes people uncomfortable and may result in a Creeper Report.

No photography, video recording, or transmission is allowed.


NSFW is as much a private club as it is an experiment designed to challenge the norm. We are embodying ideas inspired by love, freedom, new states of happiness, and self-awareness. We aim to create an environment where playfulness is encouraged, free from judgement and  societal restrictions. 

We try to maintain an inclusive vibe at our events and look to our members to support a similar ideal, seeing those around them at events as future partners in crime. Everyone is treated equally. 

We believe being loving, sexy and fun is more important than your gender identity or sexual orientation. We welcome all gender identities and sexual orientations.

We rarely host events which are open to non-members, but in the event that we do, you are always responsible for your guests.  Their failure to behave may result in membership cancellation. 

Event passes are limited. Once an event is sold out no other passes will be issued. We encourage you to reserve your spot early. When you reserve a spot, we expect you to attend. If you do not, you'll receive less priority confirmation for future events. You must receive confirmation to attend any event. Access passes are sent out the day before or day of the event.

Membership to NSFW is highly controlled so that we can curate the most exciting crowd for our members. New members are referred by existing members and are approved by The NSFW Council.

Please clean up after yourself to ensure a safe, clean environment for other members.

Our crowd is made up of young, adventurous, influential, and generally attractive men and women. We take pride in our membership selection process and will curate events as needed.

Please do not solicit for illegal activities on or at any adventures we host. This is a place for consenting adults to meet like-minded friends. Solicitation of any kind will result in membership termination.

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