Our Creed is Live Adventurously

Our Objective is To provide education which supportS our beliefs


We believe that those who seek adventure live happier, more fulfilling lives.

We believe sex is a gift that should be explored, honored and mastered through experience and education. Knowledge gained from expanding your sexual wisdom is one path to real happiness.

Through regular study and practice we believe that our membership can gain sexual enlightenment which will free them from the constraints of societal pressures to adhere to traditional relationships and sexual archetypes, allowing them to engage in stronger spiritual bonds with other souls, and gain self fulfillment through a community of love, acceptance and judgement-free exploration.

We believe cannabis is a gift that should be enjoyed and studied for the purpose of healing.

Altering one’s state of mind through the use of safe, natural plants leads to realization, which is the acceptance of things to come, the act of making positive contributions to society and the importance of embracing the now as the only definite.  

Through the study of cannabis, we believe the benefits of treating your endocannabinoid system will be revealed. We believe cannabis has the potential to treat a multitude of ailments and that one day it will replace dangerous, non-organic medicines leading to an increase in realization.  

We believe that lack of access to this sacred plant has led to a broken society, often devoid of compassion and community. We believe that many of the world’s disconnections can be cured by regular healing of your endocannabinoid system. Smoke weed everyday.

We believe in breaking up monotony with regular adventures designed to connect you to others and speed your heart rate. Increased heart rate leads to a longer life,  Members are encouraged to incorporate a little wild in their lives daily, finding moments to celebrate the adventure that is life and sharing these experiences with others as a way to encourage others to live by the beliefs of the New Society for Wellness. 

Sharing stories spreads our mission and it’s important for members to share stories with others.

Realization is recognizing the now and accepting things to come, looking at our lives as a journey which eventually ends but that is marked with adventures and stories worth sharing.

We believe that the journey of  life is better experienced with as many fellow adventurers as possible.

We believe that love and community must be celebrated and curated to ensure that you find yourself in the company of like-minded friends who share in your beliefs.  Each life on earth has an experience to share and your choice in who you share experiences with is just as important as our directive to experience.