New Society for Wellness is a private sex positive, pro-cannabis social club. We are dedicated to spreading enlightened messages about sex and cannabis.

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Head to Play.NSFW and build your profile. The Council will review your application. Please note, approval may take upwards of 3-4 weeks. Be sure to check your SPAM folder as some messages might be hidden there.


STEP 2. Choose Your Membership

If you’re accepted, you’ll receive a link to select your membership plan. Once we’ve confirmed payment your profile will go live giving you access to our community.

For a more immediate approval purchase an Initiation Pass on our ticketing pages. If you are not accepted, your initiation fee will be refunded. Visit our Adventure page to view upcoming events.

Step 3. Time to Play

Once approved you can purchase access passes for adventures, meet other like-minded friends on our private community, post what you’re looking for on our Seeking and Personals section, and gain access to exclusive perks from our sexual wellness partners.

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Failure to comply to the NSFW Code of Conduct may result in immediate termination of membership.