R.I.P., Peach: Facebook & Instagram Limit Sexual Emojis


This Refinery 29 article by Erika W. Smith details Facebook and Instagrams push to limit the use of emojis they deem too “sexual”. Find an excerpt below, then the full piece here:

“Think twice before leaving eggplant, peach, and sweat drop emojis on your friends’ thirst traps. Facebook and Instagram will now remove posts containing what they describe as “commonly sexual emojis or emoji strings,” according to an updated section of the company’s Community Standards. To be removed, the content must also “implicitly or indirectly (typically through providing a method of contact) offer or ask for nude imagery, or sex or sexual partners, or sex chat conversations.” It’s part of a wider ban on “sexual solicitation” on the platform. (So if you're using emojis to accompany a photo of your homemade eggplant parm, you should be OK.)”