Join the Nymphs


Divine spirits who animate nature, nymphs were recognized in ancient Greece as beautiful, young maidens known for their amorous freedom. At NSFW our nymphs are seen as guardians of our adventures, watching over and ensuring all of our members enjoy a safe, judgement free experience.

As a member of our nymph squad you’ll be tasked with a supporting role at our events. Nymphs guard our doors, ensure libations are responsibly served and provide assistance to our production team.

Nymph Roles

Nymph of Entry: Responsible for welcoming members to our adventures. Confirming access passes and reviewing our code of conduct. Once our doors close, nymph of entry is responsible with assisting other nymphs.

Nymph of Exits: Stationed at our exit door. Ensures those exiting the NSFW Clubhouse know to keep volume at a minimum and ensure safe reentry for those leaving to the restrooms.

Nymph of Libations: Managing bar and preparation of drinks. We keep a simple cocktail list (2 options) and provide mixers for guests.

30 minutes before our doors close, all nymphs will assist in preparing the Clubhouse for final exodus.


Nymph’s take on their role and act as guardians at our events. A guardian is responsible for being of sound mind throughout the event they are working and are responsible for watching over our membership and bringing notice to production team if anyone is overly intoxicated or displaying harmful behavior.

Nymph’s must wear white dresses or gowns to the NSFW events they are guarding. This is to help you stand out and make it easier to find you at events. Nymph’s can enjoy watching the evenings activities, but play is not allowed at events you are being compensated for.

Compensation & Requirements

$120 + Two Passes to a future NSFW Adventure ($240 combined value)

You must arrive 30 minutes before our adventure begins and will be asked to remain til doors close at 2AM.

Shift Length: 6.5 hours

Payment issued within 14 days of event.