Here’s How 5 Queer Personalities are Revolutionizing the Cannabis Industry


Zachary Zane reports for Civilized on five queer voices who are revolutionizing the cannabis industry. Warm up with this excerpt then get the full story here:

“Despite the queer origins of the cannabis movement, the industry has for the most part been regarded as a straight man's game — until recently that is. Queer folks of all genders and sexual orientations are not only breaking into the market, but we’re also revolutionizing it. We’re addressing what more traditional brands run by heterosexuals seldom address: the specific needs of queers and otherwise marginalized communities. We’re changing the industry from the inside out. We’re destigmatizing cannabis with activism, advocating for incarcerated queer and POC folks imprisoned for cannabis offenses, fostering a community of creatives, and developing some bomb-ass products.”