How Sexual Kinks Develop


Gigi Engle explores sexual kinks and how they develop in this piece for Dame Products. Read the excerpt below, then delve further here:

“Do you have a kink? Perhaps you enjoy a little (or a lot) of bondage? Some spanking, maybe? Choking? Could it be even more “out there” such as being shocked with a cattle prod (one designed to be used during sex, obviously … hopefully).

Even if none of this applies to you, I’m guessing we’ve piqued your interest. When it comes to sexual kinks, there is a kind of shroud of mystery; a devilish mystique that corners it in the category of ~taboo.~ Sure, Fifty Shades let us look behind the curtain for a hot second (kind of), but just because BDSM is now more mainstream doesn’t mean we know that much about it.”