Never Have I Ever: Done Sex Magic


This Ask Men article by Sophie Saint Thomas explores one brave souls first time experimenting with sex magic. Find an excerpt below, then the full piece here:

There’s a long tradition of people worshipping sex and putting women on pedestals. But for those who consider themselves witches, that’s no hyperbole — they consider the human vagina to have magic powers, something that gets used in a practice known as “sex magic.”

“Regardless of what’s going on below the belt, anyone can cast spells when they cum. Sex magic, popularized by Aleister Crowley, a bad-boy English occultist with a checkered past, is simply the practice of using your orgasm to cast spells. As recent interest in sex magic has risen in conjunction with a general curiosity for witchcraft, many are looking to answer the obvious: How do you cast spells when you cum? To try and answer that, we spoke to Rachel, a 35-year-old queer witch from Brooklyn, about her recent experience trying this special form of magic for the first time. Read on to hear her explain how to do sex magic, why it’s best with masturbation and if can help you make money”