Women Are Taking Dominatrix Classes to Lure Powerful Manhattan Billionaires


This article for NY Post by Christopher Cameron profiles the surprising phenomena of women training as dommes and bending Wall Street to their will. Find an excerpt below, then the full piece here:

“Something strange kept happening to Chrissy Monroe as she strolled along Madison Avenue. “I’d be walking down the street and some guy would stop and offer to buy me something,” said the Upper East Sider, who is the CEO of the Millennial Plastic Surgery clinic in Midtown. Gifts were the good part. But Monroe said that once she went on dates with these serious, wealthy, powerful men — often captains of the boardroom — they would turn to mush the second they stepped into the bedroom. “I’d be with these very bossy men who were CEOs, surgeons or judges. But in bed they’d become completely different,” Monroe explained. “They’d want to lick my feet. They’d want to paint my toenails. I had one guy who would always want to come and clean my house. I’ve always attracted these . . . guys that want to worship my feet and treat me like a goddess.”