Bridgette B in Honey, It's Not What You Think

Written by Laura B.  Starring Bridgette B.  Inspired by  Honey It’s Not What You Think

Written by Laura B.

Starring Bridgette B.

Inspired by Honey It’s Not What You Think

I just couldn’t wait to get home.

After the week I’d had, I deserved a treat, specifically my boyfriend’s thick cock.

So as I slipped in the front door early, ready to start our weekend, the thought of a full two days together had my pussy wet. I tiptoed up the stairs, already clad in a set of tight, beautiful scarlet lingerie under my overcoat. I knew the sight of me would drive him wild. 

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But when he saw me, he seemed… nervous. Even as I let my coat fall to the floor, I couldn’t shake the feeling that he was hiding something.

Suddenly, I spotted a pair of lacy purple panties on the floor next to the bed. “What are these?” I growled, throwing them in his face. He insisted they were mine, but I pushed past his obviously-lying ass and threw open the door to the closet behind him. There she was-- another woman, stark naked.

“Honey, it’s not what you think,” he whined.

I snapped back, “What else would it fucking be, huh?” Then I grabbed his whore by the chin. “Little fucking slut. Coming into my house to try to fuck my man?”

“Honey, it’s not what you think,” he whined.

“Honey, it’s not what you think,” he whined.

“Well maybe if you’d kept him happy, he wouldn’t need to come to me,” she snarked. I looked into her eyes and knew exactly what needed to be done.

“You get downstairs,” I commanded. “I need to teach this bitch some respect.”

As he sulked off, my fingertips grazed over her exposed skin. I took a long look at her. Her body was perfect, and already quivering with excitement. It wasn’t her fault my boyfriend was a cheating ass.

I murmured, leaning close, “You know, I eat little sluts like you for breakfast, but something tells me you’re dessert.”

”I need to teach this bitch some respect.”

I wrapped my long fingers over her throat and laid gentle kisses over the curve of her jaw, feeling her arch and gasp in pleasure. Her breasts pressed up against mine as I ran my hands over her, exploring her curves. 

Her beautiful pink tongue lapped sensuously at her lips, and I ran my fingertip over it, imagining how talented it might be. But I held back.

“Not yet,” I whispered. “I need to teach you a lesson first.”

I wrapped my hands in her long dark hair and took her over to the bed, pulling her down to her knees.

“Do you know what that lesson is?”

She was demure as she shook her head, feigning innocence. She couldn’t fool me though.

“Whatever I say goes.”

Her luscious lips curved up in a smile as she nodded and surrendered her body to me. I’d use her exactly as I saw fit, exactly as she deserved to be used. 

I leaned back against the pillows, spreading my legs and pulling my panties to the side. “I bet you suck my boyfriend’s cock all the time. Let’s see what you can do with my clit.”

The beautiful little slut went straight to work, licking and sucking and worshipping the wet heat between my legs. Her ass jiggled with the effort and I moaned, loud.

“Fuck yes, right there, right there,” I grabbed her hair and held her head where I wanted it. “Let me hear it.” The sounds of her licking and sucking at my pussy filled the room.

I pulled her up to meet me, tasting my pussy on her lips. I flipped her and she let out a surprised gasp as her perfect ass hit the bed. She arched and moaned as I played with her tits, licking them tenderly. 

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” I groaned against her skin. 

I clasped her pussy in my hand as she moaned, “Take me please.” Her pussy was smooth, welcoming, just like mine. I held my other hand over her mouth. I didn’t want any words from her, she was just my toy. Her clit swelled with each muffled cry of pleasure.

“just to remind her that she was a naughty slut, here to be punished.”

“just to remind her that she was a naughty slut, here to be punished.”

“Your boyfriend’s a fool,” she gasped as I rubbed, feeling the soft slickness under my fingertips. She threw her head back in pleasure as I licked her clit, and moaned something about my pretty mouth. I drew the tip of my tongue gently up and down her pussy, grazing the lips and teasing her opening. I blew gently, letting her feel the sensation of my breath. 

Then I slapped it a few times, just to remind her that she was a naughty slut, here to be punished. 

I flipped her again, bringing her onto all fours and playing with that sexy round ass. My boyfriend’s always been an ass man, but this bitch’s gorgeous backside was particularly perfect. She jiggled it under my hands and I rubbed her pussy from behind, holding her throat as she writhed against me. 

“Your boyfriend never spanks me,” she teased. “And I think I deserve it.” I smacked her ass a few times, feeling her jolt with each crack.

But I really wanted to feel her pussy against mine. I pulled her onto her back and lifted her leg into the air, hugging it as I straddled her and grinding my clit against hers. 

“You fuck me so better than he does,” she snarled through gritted teeth, inspiring me to grind even harder.

“Do you pick me over him?” I asked.

And she gasped, “Yes.”

As I licked her toes, one by one, I remembered the magic wand that fucker had bought me, clearly to try and keep me occupied while he went off and did whatever he wanted. Now, I was gonna use it to do whatever I wanted.

I ran the toy gently against her clit, just as I like it done, bringing her to the edge of climax and then pulling it way. Then we shared it. The room became a cacophony of moans and exaltations.

“Yeah... just like that... right there... take it... please… oh it feels so fucking good,oh my god.”

I pressed my tits into her face as she finally came. Then I applied even more pressure with the vibrator, causing her writhe and scream with overwhelming pleasure. 

When I finally pulled the toy away, I could tell that she was my slave now.

“I wanna bury my face in that sweet ass, please,” she begged in a frenzy. I obliged by getting on all fours.

Her face shoved inside my ass cheeks, her tongue loudly lapping up my pussy, made me more wet than that asshole downstairs had ever made me.

I got up and held her face. “This could be so good,” I cooed. 

“I think we can get one more out of you,” she whispered, sliding her fingers between my legs one more time. I did the same, and we stared deep into each other’s eyes as we rubbed to completion, our breaths catching. 

“This is so much better than what I had planned,” I sighed happily. 

She laughed, running her fingers through my hair. “Yeah. Who needs that fucking dick?”

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