Abigail Mac in Sensual Seduction

Written by Suzannah Weiss  Starring Abigail Mac  Inspired by  Sensual Seduction

Written by Suzannah Weiss

Starring Abigail Mac

Inspired by Sensual Seduction

I was the last girl to perform that night, and he was the last man left in the audience. 

Nevertheless, I put in everything I’d got to give him a show. I wrapped myself around the pole, hung upside down, and undulated my ass in my black bra, tights, thong, and heels, thrashing my head around so that my long brunette locks fell all over the stage and grinding my hips against the floor. 

“he was filling every opening of my clothes with bills”

“he was filling every opening of my clothes with bills”

Soon, he was filling every opening of my clothes with bills, from the tight string between my butt cheeks to the cups barely covering my big round breasts.

So, I decided to treat him, too.

He ogled in disbelief as I massaged oil into my breasts and writhed on the ground in front of him. His eyes darted around intently as he gazed at each part of my body, and he appeared to like what he saw. Hundred dollar bills surrounded me by the time the show was over. 

Despite the one-man audience, it was one of my best performances — so good I turned myself on with it. He seemed to notice, because after the music stopped, he walked up to the stage where I was lying half-naked and turned me around to face him. I leaned up into him, feeling his desire and wanting nothing more than to fulfill it. He wasn’t even terribly good looking — he was thin with sharp features and a slight snarl on his face — but that was part of the appeal, making his pipehole dreams come true. 


And he seemed grateful for that. In an effort to repay me for the sight he’d just seen, he stroked the outside of my panties with his hand, lifted them to the side, and went to town licking my wet pink pussy. Once I pulled down my thong completely to give him better access, his instinct took over.

He immediately unzipped his pants and took out the biggest cock I’d ever seen.

So that was where his confidence came from. 

It was my general policy not to get involved with clients, but the way he’d admired me, his eyes glued on me the whole time, had driven me wild. I hoped to get more money out of it, but it wasn’t even about that. His mere willingness to give up a fortune for me was what turned me on.

“Right there,” I moaned as he pushed himself into me.

“Give it to me. Give me your good fucking dick.”

He shoved a hundred dollar bill in my hand as he fucked me, making it known how appreciated I was. 

“You’re gonna make me cream all over that cock,” I moaned.

“Don’t stop fucking me.”

His cock pounded harder, coaxing an orgasm out of the deepest part of me. I screamed as my pussy clenched around him. 

As I was recovering, I reassumed my position on my back and let him fuck my face while I rubbed my clit, my supple breasts pointed up at the ceiling. Then, he turned me around so he could fuck me from behind. I held onto the stage to balance myself with one hand and reached around to push him further in with the other.

“Show me what that cock can do,” I challenged him.

Oh, wow. I marveled at its power.

I wanted to taste it again.  


I turned around to suck it. It was so huge I could barely fit even the head in my mouth, but I did my best to worship it, slobbering all over it with abandon.

“I want you to make me cum all over this dick all over and over again. Let me worship your perfect cock,” I muttered.

“I’m such a bad girl. I’m a bad girl and I want you to punish me. Make my fucking pussy useless for everyone else.” 

“You’re gonna jump on that dick, huh?”.

I sat him down on the couch, catching onto my proclivity for dirty talk. And I did. I rode him hard as he grabbed my hips, my breasts bouncing up and down in his face.

“Yes,” I screamed.

“Oh, fuck, so fucking good. Yes, yes ,yes!”

He slapped my ass as I rode him, moaning louder and louder, my ass jiggling as I felt another orgasm build up.

“Oh yeah, fill me up. My pussy’s so fucking wet for you.”

I didn’t want him to hold back.

So he didn’t. 

“Come suck this cock,”

Once I got down on my knees, I could’ve sworn it was even bigger than before, rock-hard and throbbing and desperate for release.

“Ahh yeah.” I flicked my tongue over the top of the head, bobbed my head up and down, and sucked hard with his cock in my mouth.

“Show me that fucking pussy,” he said. I got on the couch and spread my legs to oblige, and he licked my clit again and again while jerking his own cock quickly with his hand.

“Yes, yes! Aah!” I yelled as I exploded. 

Then, it was his cock’s turn to get inside my pussy again.

Realizing all his clothes were still on, he finally removed his black pants, though he kept on his white button-down shirt and black tie. He grabbed my leg and fucked me hard, and soon, I came for the fourth time that night — or was it the fifth? I’d lost count.

“It’s all fucking yours” was all I could say as he propped himself up on the couch and leaned over me.

“Fuck, it’s so big.” 

Despite its size, I wanted all of it. I spread my legs wide so he could go even deeper.

“Don’t stop, I’m gonna fucking cum” I yelled yet again.

I could barely think before he moved my legs to the left and started fucking me from the side, pleasuring me from every angle he could. “Ruin that pussy,” I encouraged him. Then, he turned me over and fucked me from behind as I undulated around his dick.

“Make me cum!” I ordered him.

“You’re a fucking nasty boy, aren’t you?” 


As if we hadn’t experienced enough positions yet that night, I straddled him and rode him in reverse cowgirl.

“Fuck,” he yelled.

“Make me feel so fucking good,” I echoed him.

“Yes, yes,” I whispered with each bounce.

“Oh, baby, yes,” he responded before I came all over him again. He didn’t stop, though; he just started fucking me from the side again, looking into my eyes this time. I looked back.

“You make me cum so fucking hard,” I said. 

“Do you want this cum, baby?” he asked. 

“I want to drink it,” I nodded. 

“Oh, yeah. Oh, shit,” he moaned as he rubbed drop after drop after drop of cum onto my face. It never seemed to end; it just went on forever, all that cum that had built up as he watched me shake my ass and rub my tits for him on stage.

“That’s so good,” I told him as I licked and sucked it all off him. 


What can I say?

I aim to satisfy my customers.