What Company Wants You to Send a Vibrator to Every Member of Congress

The new health care bill is looming over congress. We can tell you to call your senators and congressman until we're blue in the face. The phone is scary, we get it. In this case, calling your reps just isn't enough. When it comes to women's health and bodily autonomy, we have to do more to protect our rights.

Today, women's sexual health and wellness brand, Unbound, has launched a campaign to put a vibrator in the hands of every member of congress. The point? To raise awareness for women's rights.

Of course, a few members of congress having orgasms might do some good all in itself. You could use a mood lift, Mitch McConnell!

"If our government is going to pass legislation that affects millions of women and their access to reproductive health, they need to be aware of, able to talk about, and educated on the importance of female sexuality and sexual health. Through this initiative, our goal is to raise awareness that female sexuality is a crucial topic that cannot be ignored as we legislate for the future," Unbound founder and CEO, Polly Rodriguez tells Marie Claire.

The #VibratorsForCongress campaign is aimed to empower women to own their sexuality and to let congress know, loud and clear, that the BS they are pulling with this healthcare reform is not going to fly.

According to the press release, "The mission to promote an enlightened view of female sexuality and sexual health in the face of legislation that could seriously threaten health care for an enormous percentage of the population."

How do you send some good vibrations? You can go onto the Unbound website and choose the congressman of your choice. It costs just $15 to send a vibrator. Seventy-five percent of each purchase will go to Planned Parenthood, whose federal funding is being threatened by the GOP health care bill (set to be voted on after the 4th of July holiday).

Yes, it's just that easy.

Don't sit by as half the the population has their rights seriously undermined by this bill. Stand up for your fellow woman and send a vibe. #VibesForCongress is one step you can take to ensure a better, more sexually satisfying future.

(This article previously appeared on marieclaire.com and was written by Gigi Engle)