A Consultant for 'Hustlers' Explains Why Hollywood Gets Strippers Wrong


In this Vice article by Alex Zaragoza, Jacq the Stripper discusses her consultation on the new movie Hustlers and what Hollywood gets wrong when it comes to strippers. Get an excerpt below, and the full piece here:

“Hustlers, Lorene Scafaria's tale inspired by a New York Magazine article about the real-life New York City strippers who made stacks of cash by drugging clients and charging their credit cards thousands of dollars, has received mostly rave reviews from critics as well as the internet at large. But it hasn't all been fat stacks and endless GIFs of Jennifer Lopez dancing to Fiona Apple's "Criminal." Samantha Barbash, who inspired Lopez's character Ramona, bashed Lopez and the film to TMZ, saying "they pretty much stole my story" after she claimed producers tried to get her to "sign away" her rights. She is now threatening to sue. VICE also reported on complaints made by the strippers at Show Palace, where the film was shot, who allege that they lost thousands in earnings when the club was shut down for a week of filming.”