The #MeToo and #TimesUp movement have a lot of us asking #WhatsNext. Consent Con will approach the tough questions, presenting original voices and thought leaders navigating the new dating landscape.

As men come to discover every pick-up trick they’ve been taught through film, tv and magazines are landmines and women realize the strength of speaking up and standing strong, we’ve been left in a bit of a behavioral purgatory, one which has millions of people wondering and trying to figure out what’s next in American courtship.

At Consent Con, members will be encouraged to share experiences in the new dating landscape, discover how to be better allies, gain insights on practicing enthusiastic consent, learn conversational skills which will ensure positive sexual experiences and gain some empathetic maturity through our unique approach to Truth or Dare.

Featuring some of sex and relationships top minds, the discussions and workshops will leave attendees with a newfound appreciation for the mating rituals of the newly woke New Yorkers. 




- The Schedule -


Guest Reception - 5PM

Members will gather at Denizen Restaurant for a cocktail reception and meet and greet with speakers and presenters.

How to Ask for Sex - 6PM

Presented by NSFW's founder and Chief Conspirator Daniel Saynt, this workshop is for people who want to consensually fuck. Covering enthusiastic consent, dirty talk, and the importance of understanding the limits of implied consent and body language we’ll put into practice conversational skills which result in more sex.


Consent in LGBTQ Spaces - 6:45PM

Speaking with Anya Sapozhnikova (House of Yes), Adam Baran (NYC INFERNO), and Shoshana Fisher (Seeing You) this panel discussion will provide insights on how gay, lesbian and other queer spaces are embracing consent. Moderated by LGBT writer David Goldberg.


How to be a man - 7:30PM

A panel discussion with the male allies and observers of the #MeToo movement. Sharing their stories and learnings, these men represent a spectrum of experiences to one of the strongest shifts in courting behavior. Lead by sex writer Sophie St. Thomas, panelists will include Bryan Stacy (Biem), artist and model Bobby Roache, and Andrew Sparkfire (Hacienda Villa).



Led by NSFWs resident domme Goddess Aviva, RED/YELLOW will explore kinks two strongest plays and their connection to the strength of NO. This interactive workshop will be designed to showcase the power of female dominance and will include a kinky journey in consent. 


Truth or Dare - 9:30PM

Led by Goddess Lola Jean, NSFW’s consent-friendly spin on the classic party game, our version of Truth or Dare is designed to explore consent and empathy play in a safe, judgement-free environment.


Playtime - 9:30PM-Midnight

Time for members to discuss and apply what they've learned throughout the day and get *ahem* hands-on practice on using enthusiast consent. 


Enthusiastic Consent

- The Speakers -

sophie saint thomas.JPG

Sophie Saint Thomas

Brooklyn-based writer Sophie Saint Thomas has had her work featured in VICE, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Mic, Noisey, Broadly, Marie Claire, High Times, Nylon, Playboy, GQ, Refinery29, Harper’s Bazaar and more. She tackles topics both fun and difficult on love, relationships, sexuality, and sociology.

Bryan Stacy.jpg

Bryan Stacy

Bryan Stacy is the founder of Biem, the world’s first virtual sexual health clinic. An expert on sexual health and tough conversations, as well as a survivor of testicular cancer and chlamydia, Stacy is dedicated to providing a quick and judgment-free way to get tested for STDs. He regularly speaks on sexual confidence, hot topics in the dating scene, and ways to connect more deeply to yourself and your partners.

goddess aviva.JPG

Goddess Aviva

Goddess Aviva is a lifestyle and professional Dominatrix. Aviva is based in NYC and travels both domestically and internationally, where she offers femdom and fetish sessions for the select chosen, teaches public and private classes/workshops geared towards kink and sex-positivity, and trains Her ever-growing, international stable of personal slaves.

daniel saynt.jpg

Daniel Saynt

Founder and Chief Conspirator of NSFW, Daniel Saynt is a force within New York’s sexually progressive millennial community. He has been interviewed by the New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg and Playboy. Founder and former chief exec at influencer agency Socialyte as well as the former EVP of Digital at millennial media giant NYLON, Saynt is currently dedicated to helping spread positive messages about cannabis and sexual wellness through NSFW.

Anya Sapozhnikova.jpg

Anya Sapozhnikova

A transplant from Moscow to Brooklyn, Anya Sapozhnikova is an artist, performer, and co-founder of House of Yes in Bushwick. A talented aerialist, Sapozhnikova and her co-founder Kae Burke have created a space through House of Yes that provides immersive, thrilling, sex-positive events designed to leave attendees feeling confident and inspired.  

bobby roache.JPG

Bobby Roache

Bobby Roache is an American male model and actor, as well as an artist and designer. After moving to New York in 2006 to begin a career in entertainment, Bobby established himself among the top most recognizable and in-demand actors for his appearance role as Beyoncé's love interest in the #1 hit "Irreplaceable". He, along with several other male models, have recently spoken out on being sexually exploited within the modeling industry.

lola jean.JPG

Lola Jean

Lola Jean  is a sex educator, mental health professional and writer, as well as a pro Domme and wrestler. She frequently hosts classes, workshops, coaching sessions, and other events to educate on topics like sexual health and female empowerment. Goddess Lola Jean writes often on her experiences with dating as a woman in the #MeToo era, speaking truth to power about the struggle of exercising one’s own agency.

andrews sparkfire.JPG

Andrew Sparkfire

Entrepreneur, investor, and activist Andrew Sparkfire is the founder of Hacienda Villa, an intentional living community based on the culture of consent and sex positivity. Hacienda Villa, based in Brooklyn, throws legendary sex parties, and is the physical manifestation of Sparkfire’s dedication to creating environments where people can express themselves freely without shame or judgment. He now speaks around the world on the subject of sex positive culture while continuing to expand Hacienda as a lifestyle brand.

shoshana fisher.jpg

Shoshana Fisher


Shoshana Fisher is the Former Marketing Director for Seeing You, an immersive, queer-slanted theatrical show performed in Chelsea, She was also the Director of External Affairs for Queen of the Night, which garnered the 2015 Drama Desk nomination for Unique Theatrical Experience and New York City's Concierge Choice Award for Best Nightlife.  Fisher worked in the OR state legislature for the Speaker of the House, and has run several campaigns for public office.

adam baran.jpeg

Adam B

Adam is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, and curator of New York's Queer/Art/Film screening series at the IFC Center NY. Since 2012, he has programmed features and shorts for Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival and NewFest in New York. He is currently working on a documentary titled Northwest Passage, about a young man who used the famous show Twin Peaks as a guidebook to surviving while growing up queer in the 90s.

david goldberg.jpg

David Goldberg

David Goldberg is the Associate Things to Do, LGBT, and Comedy Editor for Time Out New York. He works every day to be more like Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns.

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What to Expect


We embodying ideas inspired by love, freedom, exploring states of happiness and self-awareness. We aim to create safe, inviting environments where playfulness is encouraged and free from judgement.

Participation is never required and our space is designed to offer all levels of experience something to enjoy. We aim to create spaces that allow for real, respectful connections between members. Guests can dress to their level of comfort, but the dress code is always black.

As a member of NSFW we are entrusting you with helping to contribute not only to an inviting atmosphere, but also to a place where guests can explore radical self-expression safely. We have zero-tolerance for inappropriate behavior. This includes non-consensual contact, exhibiting harmful or hurtful behavior or speech, contributing to others feeling unsafe, and/or becoming overly intoxicated.

Members are always responsible for their guests. Failure of guests to uphold our Code of Conduct may result in membership cancellation.

Please respect the privacy of all members. NSFW is a private community to meet other like minded people. Failure to respect a members desire for discretion will result in immediate termination of membership. Photography is strictly prohibited. 

Members are encouraged to practice enthusiastic consent which means receiving a verbal confirmation before initiating any type of touch.