It's Not a "Sex Party". It's a Party Where Sex Is Welcome, Safe and Judgement-Free.

The bell rings and you’re greeted at the door by a man in black bunny ears who introduces you to Calvin Klein, the Pomeranian at his side. You climb the steps to the kitchen where you see and smell catered bites and cocktails on your way to the coatroom. Now, it’s time to get NSFW.

NSFW is a members-only club with monthly dues of, you guessed it, $69. Members, mostly in their 20s and 30s, enjoy classes throughout the month on topics like how to take a sexy selfie, how drugs like cannabis mix with adult play, how to ask for sex and other topics related to kink.

The top floor of the four-story Williamsburg apartment is for what NSFW calls “penetrative play.” Mattresses, soft lighting, curtains and sheers create an inviting sexy look.

If you choose privacy for your “penetrative play,” you’re not allowed to lock the door, but you can help yourself to the bowl of condoms on the nightstand. “Guardian angels,” whose halos weren’t delivered to NSFW on time for the March 31 event, walk around the house to make sure everyone is playing by the rules and “enthusiastic consent” is given before any adult adventure.

The second and first floors are for “chilling out,” but with a DJ, S&M demonstrations, Reiki massage with a shaman and a pop-up sex shop, you’re bound to find some excitement.

The bottom floor is the “bunny den,” a finished basement turned sex dungeon where mattresses line the floor and toys to tease are tossed on the mattresses for interactive play.

You don’t have to be a member to attend a NSFW “playdate,” which creative director Daniel Saynt says is not a sex party, but a party where sex also happens. Although, another benefit to the monthly membership is a reduced price on tickets for NSFW’s monthly playdate. Men do pay more to play than women, but according to NSFW’s publicist, the “bunny” who organizes these events figures it’s all fair in love and sex considering women face a wage gap and previously paid a “pink tax.”

Whether you’re already a pro at tying knots with silk rope or tried to drip candle wax on your partner but sent him to the emergency room (Miss Scorpio can help you next time), NSFW is open to all.