New Society for Wellness is a private sex positive, pro-cannabis social club. We are dedicated to spreading enlightened messages about sex and cannabis.

Safe, Judgement-Free.


Be entertained with some of New York City’s wildest denizens and enhance your social life with weekly member-only adventures at our secret Clubhouse. Join to gain access to nights you'll never want to forget.

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Explore bondage-basics at KinkLab, learn spiritual sex practices at Sacred Pleasures, enjoy some fantasy role play at PlayDate and dine with top chefs at our supper series Dankquet.

If you’re looking to explore, NSFW has you covered.



Friends WITh Benefits

Connect to over 1,800 highly curated, like-minded new friends on our private online community. Post on our Seeking page to help make your matchmaking easier.

Like Raya, but IRL.



Learn to build meaningful relationships and maintain excitement in your bedroom at our weekly workshops. Designed for intimate groups where participation is never required.

Be a better lover.


Consent Culturalist

Members practice enthusiastic consent and are encouraged to report any inappropriate behavior. Our strict consent policies make our events some of the highest praised experiences in NYC.

Read our Code of Conduct.

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Love is love

We don’t discriminate based on sexual orientation, gender or race. Pan, bi, straight, trans, gay, asexual, mono or poly. We choose members on the stories they’ve lived, not the labels they choose.


Exclusive Perks

Members get up to 40% off toys and more from brands like Unbound, Dame and MotorBunny.


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How Much does membership Cost?

There is no cost to join NSFW, but each new member must attend our Initiation event, Send Noobs. Once you attend, you’ll gain access to our private community, gain exclusive perks and the ability to purchase passes for adventures we host. Cost per adventure range from $19 - $209 per person depending on the type of event we’re hosting, production costs and the experience developed.

Who Should Apply?

Amongst our members are leaders in the sex revolution, artists and creators, founders and recognized personalities. Members tend to be younger (average age of 28), often attractive, influential, socially-driven with a desire to raise a little hell. Membership is always kept private.

Once I'm a Member CAN I BRING A GUEST?

We allow members to purchase access passes for guests based on availability. Everyone is guaranteed to be able to purchase one ticket Additional guests can be invited upon request. We do this to ensure our most requested events are only enjoyed by those who support the New Society for Wellness. If your guest applies for membership make sure they say you’ve referred them to speed up their application process.



Adventures vary. We like to mix it up, constantly creating new experiences for our members.

As we grow, our adventures will become more elaborate and we’ll increase the frequency of our most popular events. It’s really up to you. The more you come, the better it gets. Before events you can review the What to Expect section of invitations which include additional details on that specific event. 



We’re extremely selective on our membership, practice and teach members about enthusiastic consent, have a code of conduct to provide a guide on best behavior, provide members access to a means to report inappropriate behavior, provide Nymphs (our guardians) at larger events to watch over guests and limit attendees to ensure our more playful events are never overcrowded. We’re always working on further ways to ensure we’re creating the best possible experience for all members of the New Society for Wellness.


Are you LGBTQIA+ Friendly?

We are here to create a judgement-free, safe environment regardless of gender or sexual orientation.



We created NSFW Agency to fund the development of our adventures, increase the impact of our messaging around sexual enlightenment and Realization, and continue to offer members exclusive perks from brand partners. Our beliefs are based on increasing conversations around sexual wellness and cannabis and our agency allows us to do so through partners with premium brands like Flow Kana, We-Vibe, uberlube, and Sustain. You can view more on our agency services at



Become a member, attend events and tell others. You can also volunteer at events, refer members, co-host future adventures, become a financial supporter, or come up with an original way to help spread the messages of the New Society for Wellness. Contact if you have any ideas.



Our online community is private and your profile will not turn up in any search.We respect your desire for privacy and do not feature any members who do not want to be featured. We DO actively promote the New Society for Wellness through press and media as a means to adhere to our mission, attract new members and help educate others on the principles which guide our community. Members are never included in this coverage.