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Wedding bells may be ready to ring but before you take a walk down the aisle, celebrate your years of singleness with an over the top celebration at the New Society for Wellness. Designed for the adventurous bride, we’ve partnered with Womanizer and We-Vibe to create a night where you can celebrate your future nuptials with your closest friends while enjoying workshops designed to enhance your sex life.



Go from mild to wild to create a bachelorette party that is all your own. Need it safe for Grandma? Our Reservations Team [] is here to work with you ensuring it’s customized to your liking and comfortable for all your guests.



NSFW Highline is a secret underground club located in the heart of the West Village. Featuring 16 themed rooms designed around your wildest fantasies, the space can be customized to meet the needs of your party. Accommodate up to 100 guests.


Oh, Boy.

Our Reservations Team will ensure your night is staffed by some of the cities most appetizing male servers and submissives. Want some ladies in the mix? Just ask. We’ll fill your event with staff trained to please and cater to your needs. Expect a buffet of eye candy and unbound objectification.


Catering +Drinks

We’ll put together light bites and cocktails for your evening. Work with our Reservations Team to ensure your party is ready for a good night and infuse your night with tasty treats.


Gifts that Give and give

Discover bedroom must-haves from Womanizer and We-Vibe. Receive gifts to take home and play with products perfect for your wedding night and beyond. Your bachelorette party package will include the Womanizer Premium and We-Vibe Sync.




Choose from our NSFW-approved activities for your getting the most out of your bachelorette celebration or request a fantasy to have our Masters make it so.



Have a specific fantasy you want to fulfil? Make a special request to have our Reservations Team to help craft the perfect experience. From crafting guest lists to ensuring all the tools and toys are available for your evening, we’re here to create a night you’ll never want to forget.


Dick Pics by Dictures

Photographer Soraya Doolbaz will bring her collection of outfits and a well endowed model ready for styling. Take some memorable dic pics with some friends or go solo with one styled to your liking. Request custom memorabilia featuring you personalized dic pics. (


Masters Series: FEM/DOM

Taught by our Masters this class will take you through some BDSM basics with advice for getting what you want. Understand how to incorporate a little kink in your sex life. Male submissives will be hand to serve and worship you providing massages and more.

Choose from dozens of classes for the perfect evening.


Erotic Sketching

Artistic expression takes the form of beautiful nude bodies. Sketch books will be provided to all guests with hourly opportunities to enjoy the male form posed erotic positions. Objectify the male (or female) form while celebrating the beauty curated for your big night out.


Want something Different? Include any special requests to customize your experience.


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The Bachelorette Party package begins at $3,000. Choose your budget to help us make suggestions for your package.



Is this only for women?

Nope, this event can be booked by anyone and your guest list is up to you. Our Unbridaled Adventures are designed with male objectification in mind, but they can be catered to your own desires. Just contact if you have any questions.

Is the Event Private?

Your event will be a private booking of the Clubhouse, meaning only your guests will be invited. If you request, we can help filling up your guest list with approved members to add some new people to mix and mingle with your friends.

Is this event 18+?

NSFW is an adult playground, meaning only adults can attend events at the Clubhouse. Sorry, take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese.


We are embodying ideas inspired by love, freedom, exploring new states of happiness and self-awareness. We aim to create safe, inviting environments where playfulness is encouraged and free from judgement.

Participation is never required and our space is designed to offer all levels of experience something to enjoy. Attendees are encouraged to practice enthusiastic consent which means receiving a verbal confirmation before initiating any type of touch. If at anytime you feel like you are not being respected there are guardians on hand to help.

We aim to create spaces that allow for real, respectful connections between members. Guests can dress to their level of comfort. As a member of NSFW we are entrusting you with helping to contribute not only to an inviting atmosphere, but also to a place where guests can explore radical self-expression safely. 

We have zero-tolerance for inappropriate behavior. This includes non-consensual contact, exhibiting harmful or hurtful behavior or speech, contributing to others feeling unsafe, and/or becoming overly intoxicated. Photography is strictly prohibited. A photographer can be made available to capture images from private events.

Staff are paid as performers and our private parties are a show in which beautiful creatures are on display for your delights. Please respect our performers and practice enthusiastic consent when engaging.