Just flew in? 

travelers pass will get you access to adventures at NSFW

The NSFW Travelers Pass grants access to non-members who wish to attend an adventure at our New York Clubhouse. Ideal for those visiting New York and looking for a sex positive/cannabis-friendly club to meet some new friends. Travelers must be screened and approved before attending. We encourage you to bring a date, friend or partner with you to adventures to enhance your experience. Anyone one wishing to enter the NSFW Clubhouse, must review our Code Of Conduct.


We must be able to confirm your identity before we confirm your payment; please answer all questions when submitting. If approved by our council, you will receive an order confirmation and a access pass 24 hours before your preferred event via email. (Make sure to check your Promotional folders and accept emails from “NSFW Council”). Choose between a single male or female or couples access pass. We encourage all members to bring a date, friend or partner.


Respect, hydrate and don’t be a creeper. We encourage the practice of enthusiastic consent at NSFW, so please seek a verbal confirmation before initiating touch with new partners. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly. We aim to provide a safe, judgement free space for sexual discovery and entrust all attendees and members to practice kindness when interacting with others. Tidy up after play. There are trash cans in every room. All exits are final. Doors for entry close at 11:30PM, so please arrive before that time. No cigarettes allowed in the house. Herbs and vapes are fine.


Access passes are non-refundable. When you purchase you are reserving a space at our Clubhouse. Due to limited space, this may mean that another guest is unable to attend so we are unable to offer refunds. If you are not approved for attendance, you may request a refund.