Once you attend you'll be welcomed into our community.


It's your first time. 

Don't be scared. 

The New Society for Wellness is here to hold your hand.

Send Noobs is your crash course on everything The New Society For Wellness. You will gain insight into our community, meet our members, and access how NSFW can help you reach sexual enlightenment. You will be surrounded by city's most infamous hosts along with the naughtiest and finest of New York.

This is a vanilla venue, but who knows who you’ll meet or where the night may take you?

During this Mixer we will teach guest how to ask for sex (and receive it), lead a panel discussion through adventurous relationships and review our House Rules for playing at any of our Clubhouses.

The highlight of your night (if you haven't already tried out a toy or treat by then), will be our Masters of Mischief. They will be in attendance showcasing some of their special skills and previewing our Master Series Workshops. The Council will be there to answer questions and walk you through what to expect at our signature events: NSFW PlayDate, Dankquet, our cannabis supper club, KinkLab, our costumed celebrations like All Saynts Day & Bacchus, and spiritual sexplorations at Sacred Pleasures.

This is not a play-party-on-premise venue, but who knows where the night may take you?

And just to be overindulgent, there will be goodies from a few of our friends in sex and cannabis. Expect giveaways, goodies and member-only deals from Chakrubs, Emojibator, MotorBunny, Extreme Restraints, Dame Products, Royal Condoms, Topstone Projects, Higher Standards and more. 

To get it all straight (or not), here are the four things to expect at NSFW Send Noobs. You will: 

  • Meet other aspiring adventurers to start your journey with. 
  • Take lessons on getting laid and getting open.
  • Get to know our Council, Masters and upcoming adventures.
  • Get freebies from brands who want you to smoke better weed and have better sex

Oh, and afterwards you get to fuck with us.

What's not to love?


Choose between a single access pass ($69) or a couples pass ($100). We encourage you to bring a date, friend or partner with you to events to enhance your experience.

Approval Process

We must be able to determine your identity before we confirm your payment, so please answer all questions when submitting. If you are not approved for membership at this time you’ll receive a refund and will be placed on a waitlist.

You’ll receive details on location and an access pass if you’re approved for membership. Location is provided 24-hours before the event.



You must be approved before receiving confirmation. Applicants not approved will be waitlisted and refunded. Once you attend you'll receive a link to activate your profile and gaining access to our private network. You'll receive your password for member-only adventures and gain access to exclusive perks from our brand partners. 






Reception & Mixer

Make Some New FWBs



How to Ask for Sex

Get some



How to Be Open

Advice for Modern Relationships



Meet Our Masters

Dommes and subs and sexperts, oh my!






The New Society for Wellness partners with experts in sexual wellness to bring members elevated experiences aimed at teaching you all about sex and to help you navigate. 

Featured in the New York Times, Playboy, Vice, Cosmo, GQ and NowThis, we've curated some of New York's most insightful instructors to prove you some adults-only sex ed.


Sophie Saint Thomas

Sophie Saint Thomas

WebTw | Insta

Brooklyn-based writer Sophie Saint Thomas has had her work featured in VICE, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Mic, Noisey, Broadly, Marie Claire, High Times, Nylon, Playboy, GQ, Refinery29, Harper’s Bazaar and more. She tackles topics both fun and difficult on love, relationships, sexuality, and sociology.


Dominus Eros


Aaron aka Dominus Eros has been a private massage therapist, Tantric healer and Pro Domme for 10 plus years. While owning a wellness studio in Manhattan, He has also taught many body and sex positive classes/workshops ranging from sensual/erotic touch,Tantric, BDSM and more. Dominus runs several groups: Pagans Paradise, Daddy Retreat and Delightful Dungeon Club. Dominus is always looking to expand and offer a safe space to explore our human sexual side regardless of gender identification and orientation in a very fun and sexually positive way.


Goddess Aviva

Web | Insta | Tw

Meet the supreme Goddess Aviva: a NYC-based lifestyle and professional Dominatrix as well as BDSM teacher and mentor. Naturally dominant and mentally sharp, she has enjoyed BDSM for as long as she can remember. As Aviva grew into her feminine charms, she realized she had started bullying and manipulating others casually in her personal life for her amusement and satisfaction. Recognizing her kinky interests and natural talent for control, Aviva decided to train at a top NYC dungeon. With 3+ years of professional experience in the NYC fetish scene, Aviva has been mentored by some of New York's most revered Dominas, expanding her knowledge and skill set.


Kenneth Play

Web | Fb | Insta | PornHub

Kenneth Play is an international sex hacking expert and educator, former top fitness professional, and private celebrity fitness and sex-ed coach. As a sex hacker, he develops and teaches hacks to help people learn new ways to play and overcome challenges in the bedroom. His work have been featured in GQ, Vice, Elite Daily, Thrillist, Refinery 29, Playboy, and Cosmopolitan.  He has devoted his life to empowering people through sex education, radical sexual self-expression, and community building. 

Lola Jean

Lola Jean

WebFb | Insta

A sex educator, mental health professional and writer, as well as a pro Domme and wrestler. She frequently hosts workshops, coaching sessions, and events to educate on topics like sexual health and female empowerment. She writes often on her experiences with dating as a woman in the #MeToo era, speaking truth to power about the struggle of exercising one’s own agency.


Candice Leigh


Candice is a healing Goddess with a decade of yoga experience with teaching Vinyasa, Ashtanga, prenatal and postnatal yoga. She is a yoga therapist, tantrika, doula, Reiki 2 practitioner and Sexological Bodyworker. Yoga, meditation and breath work have been the essence, foundation and unwavering backbone of her tantric therapy which she has founded and titled, Naked Yoga Therapy. She is enthusiastic about progressive and embodied sex education, sexuality, spirituality and the possibilities present of where these paths meet.


Daniel Saynt

Web | Insta | Fb

Founder and Chief Conspirator of NSFW, Daniel Saynt is a force within New York’s sexually progressive community. He has been interviewed by the New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg, Narratively and Playboy. Founder and former chief exec at influencer agency Socialyte as well as the former EVP of Digital at millennial media giant NYLON, Saynt is currently dedicated to helping spread positive messages about cannabis and sexual wellness through NSFW.











Attendees will receive goodie bags and be eligible for exclusive giveaways available only at this adventure.






We'll be taking over The Vynl for a members only evening. Following the event we'll host an afterparty at our Williamsburg Clubhouse leading select





We are embodying ideas inspired by love, freedom, exploring new states of happiness and self-awareness. We aim to create safe, inviting environments where playfulness is encouraged and free from judgement.

PARTICIPATION IS NEVER REQUIRED. Our spaces are designed to offer all levels of experience something to enjoy. We aim to create spaces that allow for real, respectful connections between members. Guests can dress to their level of comfort, but the DRESS CODE IS ALWAYS BLACK. 

As a member of the New Society for Wellness we are entrusting you with helping to contribute not only to an inviting atmosphere, but also to a place where guests can explore radical self-expression. 

We have ZERO TOLERANCE for inappropriate behavior. This includes non-consensual contact, exhibiting harmful or hurtful behavior or speech, contributing to others feeling unsafe, and/or becoming overly intoxicated. We encouraged all guests to practice enthusiastic consent which means receiving a verbal confirmation before initiating any type of touch.

Members are always responsible for their guests. Failure of guests to uphold our Code of Conduct may result in membership cancellation. We reserve the right to cancel or suspend memberships for failure to adhere to our Code of Conduct. 

Please respect the privacy of all members. NSFW IS A PRIVATE COMMUNITY to meet other like-minded creatives. Failure to respect a members desire for discretion will result in immediate termination of membership.



Photography strictly prohibited