Vegan Crêpes Get Kinky with NSFW Aphrodisiac-laced Dessert

Our favorite merry kinksters, the people of NSFW, are hosting a pop-up party to unveil their official crêpe—a vegan damiana-infused crêpe with “a bit of badass goodness.”

The club that shared their 420 Dankquet with us is no stranger to pairing food and bodily pleasures, so we had to ask: What is damiana?

"Damiana is an herb and natural aphrodisiac which has been found to help stimulate blood flow in the places you’d want that to happen,” a NSFW spokeswoman told us.

We’re intrigued.

Damiana is a wild shrub native to southern Texas in the United States, Central America, Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean. Though used historically as an aphrodisiac, damiana is used to treat all sorts of ailments including bedwetting, depression and constipation, according to WebMD.

The Happy Herb Company writes on its website that damiana can “produce a mild, emotional uplift” and some sources say it can be inhaled for a slight “high.” Damiana is often smoked or taken as a tea.

Although you should avoid the herb if you are pregnant or nursing, there are no well-documented interactions of significant adverse reactions, according to

The best idea would be to give your doctor’s office a ring before devouring that sinful, vegan dessert. And of course, you could always share with someone...

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