Once your application has been approved by the Council

Pay your dues+BE ready for adventurE

Pay Membership Dues


ONLY PAY YOUR DUES IF YOU'RE APPROVED FOR MEMBERSHIP BY THE COUNCIL. APPLY HERE. ONCE YOU PAY YOUR YEARLY MEMBERSHIP DUES YOU'll BE ABLE TO Access passes FOR EVENTS. FEES RANGE from $20-$60 for workshops, $75-$200 for premium events, $250+ for festival and travel adventures. Passes are first come, first served. No additional Passes will be issued once events are AT CAPACITY. 

THE NEw SOCIETY FOR WELLNESS produces 4+ adventures per month. Educational workshops are hosted weekly at the NSFW Clubhouse. Dankquet and PlayDate are hosted bi-monthly. Travel adventures are hosted quarterly. In addition to our events we promote select adventures hosted by our EVENT, MEDIA AND BRAND PARTNERS