Pot Etiquette: How To Navigate The Ever-Changing World Of Weed


This article by Jessica Delfino for High Times explores some evergreen pot etiquette and tips for navigating the culture as it changes. Find an excerpt below, then the full piece here:

“When I was in college, I would call up my pot dealer from a pay phone and ask him for “one chicken leg,” which was the secret phrase for a joint (that sadly didn’t come close to the size of a chicken leg). Never would I outright ask for weed. That would have been a gauche no-no and strictly against the cannabis code at the time. Many old-school tokers will recall the mantra “puff-puff-pass,” which curtly explains how to share a joint when smoking in a group. In other words, don’t take your time; puff twice and hand it along. Cannabis culture has changed dramatically over the years as the weed-etiquette rulebook continues to be written and rewritten”