Why are so Many Women Into Squirting Porn?

There’s a lot of confusion about squirting: While scientists debate whether it’s pee or its own special kind of fluid, feminists are debating if it’s an empowering form of pleasure or just another trick to perform for the male gaze. What we do know is that people are all about it. Squirting porn is consistently within Bellesa’s top 10 searches. And it’s not just men looking to see women squirt: Female Pornhub users are 44% more likely than male users to search for squirting porn. In addition, its popularity has more than doubled since 2011.

Why is squirting having a moment right now?  


Is it 'proof' of an orgasm?

The source of squirting porn’s popularity among women could actually be problematic. Sex educator Lola Jean, whose squirting classes sell out faster than any other class, sees many women looking to squirt because men have asked them to. Some view squirting as “sexual applause” that proves they’re doing a good job, so they want it to feed their egos. So, Jean suspects women are watching porn for a squirting lesson. This means it may be creating even more performance pressure for women. 

But more exposure to squirting doesn’t necessarily mean greater knowledge of how it works, says Jean. Porn has spread some major myths about squirting, like that it always occurs with orgasm (they can occur together or separately), that it’s most likely to happen with a penis or other object in the vagina (this can prevent the muscles that cause squirting from moving, so sometimes, anything in the vagina has to be removed), that it’s a superior kind of pleasure (some women love it, some could do without it), and that a woman who doesn’t squirt isn’t enjoying her sexuality to the fullest. So, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re not broken or missing out just because you don’t squirt.


It can be a tool of empowerment for women

On the other hand, squirting can be empowering when it’s truly done for the squirter herself. “I spend so much of my time and effort flipping the script on the squirting story to make it a female tool of empowerment, an equalizer, and not a tool for male pleasure,” says Jean. “Women can ejaculate on people’s faces, too! The ability to squirt voluntarily gives one a deep understanding and connection with their vagina and pelvic floor. That body awareness not only makes for a better sex life but for bodily confidence as well.”

Instead of trying to squirt the way porn might depict it, Jean recommends rubbing your clit while squeezing your PC muscles. “Squirting is for the most part seen as something a man ‘makes’ a woman do. Something that ‘happens’ to her, out of her control, a passive recipient,” she explains. “I amaze people on how quickly and in what high quantity I can make myself squirt. They had no idea that it was possible to do without the assistance of another human or toy.”

And in case you’re wondering, squirting isn’t pee. Not fully, anyway. In porn, it’s often really fluid coming out of a douche, says Jean — another reason you shouldn't use porn as a squirting tutorial. 

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