Culture is Dead: Punk T Shirt Brand Skim Milk Launches New Collection

Los Angeles outsider art brand Skim Milk has been creating art in t-shirt form since 2009. The brand advertises "thought provoking designs that blur the line between innovation and sarcasm" and finds its following within the counter culture community, which delights in the neo-dadaist bent of the pieces.   

Now, Skim Milk is launching a new collection whose title echoes their punk origins: Culture is Dead. The collection includes edgy and snarky graphic t-shirts including a Trump Tweet spoof. Creative Director Josh Scholl spoke on the brand's authenticity in comparison to the abundance of companies looking to cash in on "edgy" trends. "We've encapsulated the punk vibe for 9 years and real knows real," said Scholl. 

For the sake of that authenticity, Skim Milk collaborated with punk rock legend Don Bolles, drummer of seminal and notorious LA punk band The Germs. Bolles, who currently plays with Ariel Pink, agreed to be the look book model for the shoot, lending even more absurdist humor to the collection.

Skim Milk's higher-end patterns brand, WHOLE, dropped its own collection, known as Show Your Stripes. WHOLE's new set features a striped cap and all mismatched striped shirts. 

Both collections can be found on the company's webstore and at select retailers.