Neil DeGrasse Tyson Explains Sex in Space

How exactly does someone have sex in space? For years, scientists have wondered if it would be possible to fool around in microgravity. According to VICE, little research has been performed on the subject, nor does NASA have an “official policy on space sex.” Meanwhile, writer Mary Roach reports rumors that it can be done—although since it’s difficult to “stay together,” it helps to involve a third party.  

Turns out, the rest of the world is curious, too. A fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s TV show StarTalk asked the famous astrophysicist and science personality if getting it on in space is any different than on Earth. He answers the question in the National Geographic Channel video below—and advises adventurous astronauts to “bring a lot of leather belts” if they want to stay attached while doing the deed.


"People when they think of space, they typically imagine zero G, where everything is floating. But that's not a prerequisite for being in space if you have a rotating space station. By way of the centrifugal force, the rotating wheel, you can create any fraction of gravity you want, even 1 G, which would be equivalent to earth, right on that outer perimeter. So you could be in space, and on that perimeter of 1 G, and it is no different that what you'd be doing here on earth. At all! But if you don't rotate and you're sort of drifting toward your destination, you are weightless. And then everything is different if you're having sex in a weightless environment. You need things like straps. There are probably some people who are fully equipped with this anyway, but I'm just saying, you begin to see the manifestation of Newton's laws of motion, where they're floating in space, and you move towards someone, and they just sort of bounce off. And then the movement is sort of preserved- there's no friction. So if you want to get together and stay together, you need something to keep you together through all the normal body movements that would characterize having sex in space. So, yeah, just bring a lot of leather belts to keep things strapped down, and you'll be just fine."

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