The Blockchain for Consent

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It was only a matter of time before some merged the #MeToo movement with crypto. 

Russian company Legium has launched a platform for signing consent contracts. In them, you define the names of the participants and also specific sexual activities that you agree to during the intercourse, such as kisses with and without tongue or using sex toys. Cause you know, there's nothing sexier than signing a contract before intercourse. 


Welcome to Blockchain Verified Sex

While the company seems like an attempt from someone to cash in on some easy to fool investors, their contracts are apparently legally binding. Such a contract bears legal power and assumes responsibility for publishing photos or video footage of the sexual act on the Internet unless this has been agreed on in advance. These contracts are made on a free-of-charge basis and are valid for 24 hours upon signing. So once you get one signed, be sure to complete the deed in a day. 


The service does not promise users to keep them anonymous, though. Those wishing to upload their contract on the Blockchain, need to fill in the spaces with their personal data– name and last name, email and phone number, you know, so everyone knows you agreed to anal more than once this month. 

But what happens if you change your mind?

The contract allows either participant to refuse taking part in sex in case something changes– any disputes arise, like if one of them has a sudden headache. 

All contracts on this website have full legal power and can be signed between a Russian person and a citizen of any other country.

That is not the first ‘sex’ area, in which Russia plans to use Blockchain technology. Last year, as local media reported, there was a patent filed for opening a network of crypto brothels in large cities of the country.


Foreign competing products

Other countries have not been lagging behind when it comes to the seemingly unnecessary marriage between consent contracts and Blockchain.

The Netherlands launched a similar app, called Legal Fling that allows signing contracts for sexual consent and the actions you plan to perform during the act of intimacy, so I guess the contracts are a thing now. 

Personally, don't see these type of applications for blockchain seeing much success. Just practice enthusiastic consent and know if it isn't a hell yeah, it's a hell no.