These Three Sex Acts Are The Key To Female Orgasms, According To A New Study


This article on IFL Science details a new study that pinpointed three key factors to mastering the female orgasm. Find an excerpt below, then the full piece here:

“Gaps, for the most part, are considered to be bad. The gender pay gap, for example, is notoriously awful. The “orgasm gap” – the fact that men achieve orgasm a lot more frequently than women during sexual frivolities – is also decidedly rubbish, and now, science has waltzed in to save the day by trying to close it. A group of researchers from Indiana University and Chapman University surveyed over 52,000 people  – which included a range of straight, gay, lesbian, and bisexual men and women aged between the ages of 18 and 65 – and concluded that there is a “golden trio” of actions that will all-but-ensure female orgasm occurs. That, ladies and gentlemen, is deep kissing, genital stimulation, and oral sex.”

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