Respectability in Sex Education


NSFW gets a feature in this piece on morality in modern sex ed by Zachary Zane for Find an excerpt below and the full piece here:

“In an ideal world, we would all have easy access to accurate sexual information that extends far past fallopian tubes and abstinence-only. However, many of us live in sex-negative societies that are strongly rooted in Puritan and “Christian” morals, so a truly comprehensive sex education is not widely available. In fact, sex is currently taught so poorly in American schools that people frequently have to seek outside resources. Consequently, an entire section within the business of sex is dedicated to filling this gap, which includes countless companies, educational courses, clubs, sex therapists and more, all devoted to serving those who are eager to learn more about how to have safe and enjoyable sex.

The problem is that not all of these entities are treated the same. All individuals who provide educational information related to sex operate within the business of sex.”