This Year We're Thankful for Cannabis


There's always something to be thankful for during the holiday season- Even in uncertain times like these. We are giving thanks to so many things, including our opportunities, our faith in humanity, cat videos, and legalized cannabis this holiday season. 

Cannabis is more than meets the eye. Sure, you may enjoy the occasional dab here and there, but do you really know of the great reach of legalized cannabis? Since the legalization of weed, cities have benefited, pain sufferers finally feel relief, and the face of criminality has changed. There is so much greatness that comes from legal cannabis and in the spirit of the holiday season, we'd like to review our favorite five reason why we are thankful for cannabis below. 

1. Cannabis is Much Safer Than Other Legalized Drugs

If you're onboard with  legalization of alcohol and cigarettes, then you should be for cannabis legalization as well. There have been zero reported cases of cannabis-overdose- related deaths, whereas alcohol is responsible for four percent of all deaths worldwide- More than AIDS, more than tuberculosis, more than violence. And when it comes to smoking? The numbers are staggering. According to the World Health Organization, tobacco kills around 6 million people each year. 

With statistics like these, why is the legalization of cannabis STILL being fought in some states? Hopefully this won't be the case for long, but if you're lucky enough to have access to legal weed, just be thankful for now. 

2. Positive Impact on the Economy

What does patching potholes, new job growth, and helping he homeless have in common? Cannabis. Thanks to cannabis legalization, states like Colorado are experiencing huge economic booms. Cannabis is a taxable industry and those tax dollars are being directed towards the city's needs. Needs like road improvements, homeless shelters, and even building of new schools.

in addition to the to benefits, there's also the notable job growth. Cannabis is big business that employs thousands of local residents for positions ranging from the retail front, to the R&D group, to the marketing and sales functions. 


3. Medicinal Cannabis as Pain Relief for Those in Need

Recreation aside, it's important to recognize the medicinal purposed found in cannabis. Medical cannabis is a huge and necessary aid for those in pain. It's proven to greatly assist the recovery process in cancer patients, those who suffer form epilepsy, and even sufferers from digestive issues like Chron's disease. But thanks to the overwhelming passing of medical and recreational cannabis nationwide, cannabis as a medical aid is easily accessible to all in need of pain relief even for less ailments. 

If you're lucky enough to live in a recreational cannabis state, you're free to enjoy cannabis for pain relief from headaches, sore muscles, and cramps- All without a doctor's notes and medical card. 

4. Drug Crimes Re-prioritized

As more and more states push for cannabis reform, federal legalization seems nearer than ever. By re-prioritizing cannabis as a low level drug (for those states not yet legalizing recreational use) and/ or decriminalizing cannabis altogether, prisoners are less crowded, the court system is less bogged-down with drug charges, and people's lives are no longer being ruined by unfair imprisonment. 

  Another factor to be thankful for is that government and DEA can now focus on the truly dangerous and illegal war on drugs- Not cannabis. 


5. You'r in Good Company with Cannabis this Holiday Season

More Americans than ever favor legalization over criminalization of cannabis, in fact 58% of Americans are in favor for recreational cannabis legalization. This means more than half of this great nation support all the good that comes from cannabis. In a time where the citizen's issues are polarized and the nation is divided, it's important to come together when we can. More Americans than not favor legalization and that's a start towards coming together as a nation once again. 

There are many reasons to be grateful this Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Express your gratitude humbly and respect others freedoms and opinions. While these are many issues and opposing viewpoints that separate us as a community, we remain thankful that cannabis is bringing the country together and finally getting the respect it deserves. 

Cannabis is a non-lethal, pain relieving, and community building. It's a fantastic, natural herb that helps members of this country in more ways than they know and this is exactly why we should be thankful for cannabis, today and for always.   

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