Psilocybin Could Kickstart Brains in Comas, Study Suggests


This Merry Jane article by Randy Robinson discusses a surprising new study that seems to suggest certain properties in magic mushrooms could help coma patients in the future. Find an excerpt below, then the full story here:

“A group of doctors recently proposed using psilocybin from “magic mushrooms” to awaken certain patients from comas. However, doing so not only raises several complicated legal questions, but a host of medical ethics concerns, as well. One paper published earlier this month in the journal Neuroscience of Consciousness delves purely into the ethical implications of dosing specific comatose patients on psilocybin while they sleep. The questions, posed by Andrew Peterson, a philosopher and neuroethicist, and neuroscientists Enzo Tagliazucchi and Charles Weijer, come to some resolutions, but don’t address every issue.”