9 Things To Know About Sex Magic

If you already like witchcraft, then you’ll want to know about “sex magic.” If you’re curious, or have never heard of sex magic but want to know more, it’s fairly simple. Sex magic is using sexual energy (usually, your orgasms) to cast a spell and get what you want. Sound fabulous? It is. And here are nine crucial pieces of information to learn about sex magic so you can start making your wishes come true while you orgasm.

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1. Sex magic is using your sexual energy to cast a spell.

Sex magic, or “sex magick,” which can be the preferred spelling, uses your sexual energy (often an orgasm) to cast a spell. Casting a spell is just setting an intention and then performing a ritual to bring the intention to the universe’s attention. You can cast a spell with candles, jars, and perhaps the most fun, orgasms! 

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2. Orgasms can be powerful tools to harness energy.

Everything has energy and anyone who has come their face off knows that orgasms are powerful forms of energy. Aside from feeling good and being a hot way to connect with your partner, some witches believe that the sexual energy within an orgasm can be used as a ritual to cast a spell. 


3. To cast a spell, just visualize what you want as you come.

Words like magic, rituals and spells can seem complicated, but performing sex magic is easy peasy. Literally just visualize what you want while you come. Want to attract a new partner that fits a certain description? Think about them. Want some fucking money? Think about cash while you come, we can all get off to that! 

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4. Masturbation may be the best time to practice sex magic.

You want to give your spell your full concentration. If you’re having sex with someone else, you’re probably thinking about pleasing them sexually as well; such thoughts can be distracting to sex magic. Therefore, while you can perform sex magic while getting it on with another (either fill them in on what’s happening and you can come together for a collective goal, or maybe do it solo). Nights alone may be the best for sex magic. Then it’s just you, your orgasm, and your intentions. 


5. Your spell doesn’t have to be about sex.

One of the biggest misconceptions about sex magic is that the spell you cast must be used to conjure a mate or to have better sex. You can practice sex magic to get whatever you want. Sexual energy is just energy. So feel free to visualize a bigger paycheck, a book deal, or physical health and happiness when you come. 

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6. Create yourself a magical setting.

To enhance the vibe of your magical masturbation night in, create yourself a magical setting. You deserve it. Put on some music, light candles, or draw yourself a bath, scatter it with rose petals, and masturbate in the tub. Even if you don’t believe in magic, creating a romantic night in can be healing in itself. 


7. You can practice sex magic even when you’re not coming.

Orgasms get all the attention (and they are powerful tools to cast magic with), but sexual energy is present more than just when we come. If you’re a highly sexual person, you may already be aware of the magnetism you cast. As you do makeup, walk down the street, dance, and any activity in which you’re feeling yourself, you can practice sex magic by visualizing your desires coming to fruition. 


8. It’s the intention that counts.

This one’s for the people who are like, 'Okay, well how does magic work?? Can I really get the partner of my dreams by masturbating?' Well, touching yourself and harnessing your orgasm is only one part of the equation. Before you perform any type of spell, think about what you want. Write out an intention letter, so you have a clear idea of what to visualize. When we have a clear idea of what we want, we’re more likely to get it, and rituals such as sex magic help us do this. 

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9. Action requires follow-through.

If you believe in magic, casting spells with sex magic will transmit your intentions to the universe and deities, which will listen and help make your wishes come true. However, the most potent ingredient in magic is you. Rituals, such as sex magic, can help put you in touch with your desires, and therefore become more aware of them. This is often enough to encourage follow-through, but any spell requires action on your part. So after you’ve written an intention letter describing your ideal partner, and then orgasmed visualizing them, don’t forget to be open and receptive to it in your life; change your perspective on the world a little bit.



Original article by: Sophie Saint Thomas