How to Quit Your Shitty Job and Become a Dominatrix


This Vice article by Rose Stokes looks into one woman’s journey from research and management to whips and chains. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Dom? Our training course Dom U lands at the clubhouse this Thursday with its first installment. Get the full article here:

“Quit Your Shitty Job is a new column that speaks to people who turned their back on their totally average and uninspiring jobs to pursue something they actually wanted. After all, if the world is going to be on literal fire in a few decades' time, you may as well spend the rest of your life doing something you actually enjoy! This week, we spoke to East-London based dominatrix, Goddess Cleo. After a string of unsatisfying and downright depressing gigs in research and management, she finally quit her job in finance to become a professional dominant.”