There Are No 'Hidden Dangers' to Weed Legalization


This Katie Way for Vice piece looks into some of the unfounded concerns of legalizations key opposers. Find an excerpt below, then the full story here:

“Cannabis legalization is spreading with a momentum that feels unlikely to taper off any time soon. For a lot of people - drug policy reformers, slack-jawed entrepreneurs, and chillers who love to have a good time - this is great news. But for a smaller contingent, the era of legal weed has turned more than a few people into protagonists in some made-for-health-class thriller, beacons of sanity in a crazy world, such as the doctor who wrote this op-ed at NBC News and who is probably a lot smarter than me. They alone see the imminent harm that being able to buy a quarter ounce of sativa from a store instead of a guy on a bicycle will inflict on society. Think of the children! Blood in the streets!”