Photos Capturing the Electric Energy of the Queer Ballroom Scene

While queer people of color are still underrepresented or misrepresented in most traditional institutions, the ballroom scene can provide a safe haven for queer and trans people of color to come together, explore their talents, and find community and friendship. The true owners of vogueing, these individuals are reclaiming their space from the underground up, and showcasing how they're making their mark on the mainstream via VICELAND’s new docuseries, MY HOUSE.

Ballroom, as many of its participants describe it, has given some marginalized kids a place to flourish. “Everywhere you go, you’re gonna be teased about something,” says Precious Ebony, a popular commentator in the scene. “Ballroom’s a safe place for us. It’s like the golden gates to our community ... We all speak the same language because dance is an art and art is communication.”

On Wednesday, VICELAND premiered its firsthand look at the magic of this underground scene. The show follows the real-life stories of several multi-talented characters, ranging from ambitious newcomers to dancers of “legendary status,” and explores how ballroom has not only brought out their fierce inner-competitors but also positively impacted their personal lives and relationships.

This photo story captures the unmistakable energy, drive, and uniqueness of the ballroom scene and the MY HOUSE cast.

my house 1.jpeg
my house 2.jpeg
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MY HOUSE airs every Wednesday at 10:30 PM on VICELAND.

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