High-Profile Member Banned from Infamous Sex Club for Misconduct


A wealthy member of an elite sex club has been kicked out for inappropriate behavior - and forfeited his $75,000 a year membership. 

Phuong Tran, who is also known as the Bunnyman, was accused of ‘disgusting behavior’ by Snctm which took the extraordinary step of publicly naming him and releasing his picture. 

According to a profile in Esquire Tran is 34-year-old Vietnamese immigrant and was the very first person to buy a Snctm membership. 

He described himself as sexually repressed until he attended one of the events and is now so liberated that he wears a black leather mask and rabbit ears when he’s partying. 

Snctm’s decision to publicly name Tran - an apparent breach of its own rules regarding secrecy - speaks to the extent of the rift between the two parties. 

Snctm parties in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and New York for the ultra wealthy and the beautiful where they indulge their fantasies with lovers and strangers, often in view of others. 


The events have been called ‘Hollywood’s most elite sex party’ and attendees include actresses, billionaires and executives. 

In a release to its members, Snctm said that Tran was losing his Dominus membership, which costs $75,000 and is only available to 20 people worldwide. 

In a statement Snctm said: ‘Phuong Tran aka the Bunnyman has been banned for life from the club for behavior unbecoming of a Snctm member. 

‘Nothing he says may be relied upon, and he is now outside our circle forever. We won’t tolerate mean-spirited or exploitative behavior towards others at Snctm, even from our highest ranking members. 

‘Yesterday Phuong stooped so low as to contact our founder’s 12 year old daughter on Instagram with messages that hurt her deeply. This was the final straw. 

‘We have never done this before. Phuong’s actions are despicable, and we are compelled to announce the truth’. 

Dominus members participate in an initiation ceremony discovering a secret password, gain access to private World Tour experiences with free-flowing Cristal champagne served by a butler.  

Posts shared to the account in November paint a picture of a member disgruntled with the club. One was captioned: 'The Snctm Family is Dead, Long Live Sanctum Club. Feel free to share, tag a friend, be “extra,” or whatever you millennials like to do....'

Another post said: 'In the beginning, Sanctum Club was a magical place. In my original vision, it was to be a world of intrigue and sensuality. Gentlemen wore black tie while women were elegantly dressed. Everyone wore a mask. Together sightings and indulgences of an erotic nature would be experienced.


'The Club was to exist solely to serve the social and entertainment needs of its members and guests, by maintaining the highest standards of excellence while providing creative and culturally rich programs, and by providing a safe and comfortable environment for personal exploration.

He complained that it is more like a ‘college house party’ and there are no longer any ‘intimate moments’. 

It also says that allowing TV cameras in to film a show was an ‘appeal to the lowest common denominator’ and that it is no longer an ‘elite’ club.

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