NSFW and Emojibator Join Forces to Help You Master Masturbation


Emojibator and the New Society for Wellness (NSFW) want to remind you that May has come, and so should you.  In honor of International Masturbation Month, the vibrator company inspired by your favorite sexts along with the millennial sex club making waves for their innovative educational series have teamed up to bring masturbatory celebration to the masses.

MasturbationMonth.com launched on May 1st and has been offering daily tips and educational content from a variety of contributors all month sharing in our "31 Days of Self Love".

"The goal of our Masturbation Month partnership is to increase awareness around the climax gap and the need for women to embrace self-love as a way to better understand their bodies and their turn-ons." says Emojibator CMO Kris Fretz.


On the site, readers can get daily tips on enhancing their masturbation game including suggestions on play, sharing masturbation with your partners, and practicing mindful masturbation with the aim of discovering new ways to enhance your orgasm.

To close out Masturbation Month, Emojibator and NSFW will be hosting Love Thyself (5/30), a female-exclusive guided masturbation class aimed at helping women discover the best ways to embrace self love.