Behold, the Longest Joint of All Time

giant joint.jpg

New England’s first Harvest Cup wrapped over the weekend. The main event was a competition for the best local strain, but it wasn’t hard to spot the unofficial centerpiece for the cannabis convention given it was 100 feet long.

Noticing that there was no existing record for the longest joint, Andrew Mutty, co-owner of the Beantown Greentown cannabis club, decided it was about time to set one.

“Just all of us one day, sitting around, being inebriated and someone said, ‘what is the world record for the longest joint?’” Andrew Mutty told The Boston Herald about the giant joint’s inception. “The situation evolved into a little bit of research and looking online and there was a one pound joint we found, but no one did it in a continuous length. So we thought, let’s set the bar kind of high and see if anyone else wants to try and break a record.”

Thirty feet taller than the White House and 50 feet shorter than a Boeing 757, the Harvest Cup debuted what is, on the record, the longest joint ever constructed. It required 100 hours of assembly and two pounds of weed. Draped across several black tables, the world’s longest joint was revealed at 4:20. It quickly became apparent that it would be impossible to smoke such a thing, even if the convention center allowed it. Instead, the joint was cut up and segments were handed out to anyone posting about it on social media.

The Harvest Cup was held in celebration of Massachusetts’ upcoming marijuana legalization. Sales of medical and recreational marijuana were approved to begin in July 2018 by Governor Charlie Baker. So you know what that means…come next Harvest Cup we better see a joint long enough to wrap around Mount Everest.

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