Lisa Ann in Pool Boy Toy

Written by Suzannah Weiss  Starring Lisa Ann  Inspired by  Pool Boy Toy

Written by Suzannah Weiss

Starring Lisa Ann

Inspired by Pool Boy Toy

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, and as usual, I had trouble up my sleeve.

Fortunately, our college-aged pool cleaner Jordi was over, providing the perfect opportunity for trouble-making. 

My stepdaughter Kate waved to him from her lounge chair. She was trying to beat me to the punch. But I was not about to let her ruin my fun.

“What is she doing out there?” I asked my husband Dave.

“What?” he asked in his usual, endearingly oblivious manner.

“Your daughter. She’s out there distracting the pool boy. Can’t you give her something productive to do with her time?”

“Give her a break,” he said. “She’s back from college. Let her relax. When you moved in, you knew she would be coming back for visits. You can’t just suddenly decide that it’s a problem.”

Oh, yes I could. If she blocked my access to Jordi, that was a problem for me, and I was going to solve it. 

“I’m gonna teach her a lesson,” I told him, not even making an effort to disguise the malevolence of my intentions. 

I put on my favorite tiny yellow bikini, which barely covered my nipples and ass, tall strappy silver heels, a white sun hat, and gold hoop earrings. Damn, I looked good. Kate’s small titties and scrawny butt had nothing on me. 

When she sensed me approaching, that bitch had the nerve to one-up her game by locking eyes with him and slowly pulling her bikini top down. What a pathetic skank. 

“What are you doing?” I asked. Before she could even answer, I shoved her in the pool (water sounds) like she deserved, and as I did it, I gave him a view of my own rack just to show him who the queen of the house really was. His grin widened as he stared back at me. I ran my hands up and down my breasts to show him what he could be doing if he forgot about the dumb little girl now doggy paddling out of the pool. He may have liked having two girls fighting over him, but there was really no competition. 


Kate made one last feeble effort as she got out of the water, yelling, “What the fuck is wrong with you? I’m telling my dad.”

“That’s what you get for hitting on the pool boy,” I scolded her. “Go tell your father. He won’t believe you anyway.” 

“You won’t get away with his!” she whined like a child throwing a tantrum. 

I cracked up at the suggestion. Yes, I would, just like I always did. “You can tell your dad. You know he’ll take my side anyway,” I said. 

She stormed off angrily, and finally, I had Jordi all to myself. 

But first, I had to give him a scolding as well. “What am I gonna do with you?” I asked, wagging my finger. “You know she’s a virgin anyway. I mean, a college guy like yourself needs to broaden his horizons.” I noticed he hadn’t said anything this whole time. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

He just smiled shyly and mumbled, “I should get back to work.” But I had some other work to assign him.  

“Oh, forget about the pool,” I told him. “You’re gonna do some work for me. Don’t be shy.” I pulled down my top so that my huge breasts stuck right up for him. He ogled them with fascination, like a scientist spotting some previously unseen specimen under a microscope. I handed him a sunscreen bottle, and he gingerly squirted it on them. As he lowered his hand to my body, he looked up at me as if in disbelief that he could touch my breasts. I gave him a nod, and he got to town rubbing them with abandon. “That good?” he asked me. Aw, he was cute. 


“Mm, very good,” I said. “Better than the pool for sure. You’re not really a great pool guy. This is good.” I moaned as he circled my nipple with his finger. I was in heaven. I leaned back to take in the sensations. God, this was making me horny. Of course, that’s when my husband started to come out. I quickly pulled my top back up, and Jordi sat up beside me in a way that would have looked suspicious to anyone but Dave.

“What’s wrong with Kate?” He asked. “She ran into the house crying.” 

“Oh, yeah,” I grasped for a story. “She slipped and fell in the pool, and she embarrassed herself in front of the pool guy.” 

“Oh, shit. Well, her sobbing sounds like a drowning bear. It’s giving me a headache.” 

A headache, huh? That gave me an idea. “Go lie down,” I said. “I’ll talk to her.” 

“Thanks, honey. I’m glad you’re taking an interest in her,” he replied. God, he was clueless, but I couldn’t complain. I did feel a bit of remorse about going behind his back, but he gets to have me as his wife to fuck whenever he wants, so I couldn’t feel that bad. 

“Why don’t I put you to the test, take you inside and see how bad you really want it?” I asked Jordi. He eagerly nodded his head. This guy really didn’t say much, but he got his point across. The way he’d rubbed my tits down had gotten me all hot and bothered, and I was just as eager as him. 

We silently crept through the room where Dave was sleeping. He seemed to wake up for a second but just rolled over and went back to sleep. We reached the bedroom. “Do you think you can keep up with me?” I asked playfully. 

“Yeah,” he said nervously, as if he didn’t really know the answer.

“Yeah? We’ll see about that,” I told him. I wanted to keep him on his feet. 

I lifted my bathing suit bottoms, and he wasted no time stroking my pussy. For someone with such young hands, he sure knew what to do. The great thing about college guys is they’re so grateful, they’ll do anything to please you. He rubbed my clit with his fingers then kneeled down to lick it. “Ohh,” I moaned. “Fuck yes.” I leaned my stiletto on his back as my moans got louder. Wow, he was determined. I didn’t want to be loud enough to wake up my husband, but it was hard to control myself. “Ahh, that’s so good,” I whimpered. He looked up at me to make sure I was still enjoying myself before rubbing his own crotch, clearly turned on by my pleasure.

Suddenly, I heard my husband. (footsteps) “Shit,” I whispered. 

“Hey, there you are!” he said with my back turned away from him, somehow not noticing that Jordi was kneeling between my legs. “Did you talk to Kate?”

“Not yet. Why?”

“She won’t stop crying. It literally woke me up.”

“Listen,” I told him. “Get yourself some ear plugs because I need to smooth things over with the pool boy. He was doing such a great job before Kate distracted him.”

“Fine,” he said. “You handle the pool boy and I’ll deal with Kate.” Damn, this man really had selective vision. 


After he left, Jordi started licking my breasts more doggedly, wanting to get everything he could done before any other interruptions. He gasped as I removed my bottoms completely, spreading my legs to give him a better angle. He got to town licking my clit again, with more speed this time. I lay back down on the bed and relax, the sweet sensations making me forget about the possibility of getting caught. 

“Mm,” I moaned as his hand massaged my breast. He licked and licked, never seeming to get tired, and I didn’t stop him. If he wanted to make this all about me, I wouldn’t protest. I lifted my leg up so he had even more access, then I was hungry for more. I sat up and unzipped this pants to reveal a surprisingly huge uncircumcised cock. Now it was his turn to moan as I sucked it up and down.

“Oh yeah,” he repeated while I cupped his balls in one hand and jerked his cock in the other, then bent down to take his balls in my mouth. “Fuck.” I got down on my knees to suck harder, looking up into his eyes so he could see my enthusiasm. I sucked him for a while to repay what he’d given me, loving every second of it, humming as he grew harder inside my mouth. 

“You still think you can keep up with me?” I asked.

“I’ll try.”

“You’ll try?” He was so cute. “Take your pants off.” He did, and I figured I’d throw the ball in his court. “Where do you want me?”

“Right here.” 

“Right here?” 

Butterflies filled my stomach as he positioned me on my back and readied himself to enter me from the side. God, I needed that cock in me. 

“Ah,” I moaned as he finally eased himself in. Then he fell out. False alarm. It’s part of the territory of preying on younger men, I suppose. He repositioned me so he could get a better angle, then entered me again. It stayed this time. It felt so nice. He pounded hard and fast. 

“Yes, give me that big dick, oh fuck yes,” I looked him in the eye, losing control of myself. “Oh, I love it, I fucking love it, oh my God, oh fuck yes.”

He grabbed my leg to hold himself in place and rubbed my clit with his other hand as he looked into my eyes and kissed me, smiling giddily each time I screamed “yes!” 

“How’s that feel, good?” I asked him. “Yes,” he smiled again. Then, he flipped my leg over and fucked me from behind. “Oh fuck,” he said as he grabbed my breast. I got up to straddle him, facing away from him, and bounced up and down screaming, “Yes yes yes!” 

He let me relax while he pounded into me from underneath. He reached up so high it felt like his dick was filling my whole body. He thrust harder. “Oh fuck yes, that’s good, yeah yeah yeah yeah, give me that fucking dick like that!” I yelled with abandon. “It’s so good!” I was insatiable. I wanted more and more. He spread my pussy with his hands to get himself even further in, moaning along with me. 


“You want to stand me up and bend me over and fuck me?” I offered.

“Yeah,” he said. He was up for anything.  

I sucked his dick a little first just to give him a treat. “Oh my god,” he said as he looked up at me in disbelief. I bent over with my hands on the bed and let him enter me from behind. He steadied himself with his hand on my ass as he took my bikini top all the way off. 

“Oh fuck yes, take that pussy. It feels so fucking good, yes!” I screamed. I could tell he was exerting himself, but he knew his effort was worthwhile. “Yes, of fuck yes, oh god, mm,” I encouraged him. He took himself out just to admire my pussy then plunged back in again. My pendulous breasts bounced each time he thrust into me. His hands reached over to cup them. 

He withddew himself then came back in to find the perfect angle. “Yeah, right there, can you fuck me deep right there? Show me how you can fuck me like that,” I told him. Every younger man needs instruction. I lay face down on the bed, and he got on top of me like an animal. “I love it,” I told him. “Can you feel my pussy just getting wetter? Yeah? Oh yes, yes, oh fuck.” 

I decided to give him a break and get on top of him and ride him. He really liked that, and with the view of my big tits bouncing in his face, how couldn’t he? I leaned forward and kissed him as my butt slammed up and down over his balls. “Oh, yeah,” he said. “Oh, fuck!” I leaned down to kiss him as he grabbed my ass, then I threw my hair off my face and bounced on him again. “Oh, yeah, do you like how I fuck you?” I asked. 

“Oh, yeah,” he repeated. “Oh, fuck!” He threw his head back as I got down to suck his dick. “I want to taste all that cum,” I told him. After I sucked him for a little while, I challenged him: “Your turn.” 

I lay down on my back with my legs stretched up all the way over my head, and he straddled me and bounced up and down. “I love it,” I said. “Yes, yes, yes. Oh! Oh, fuck, yes.” I arched my back, threw back my head, and came. “Oh fuck. Oh yeah, I love it, yes, such a good fuck.” But he didn’t stop. He just leaned down and went in even deeper. “Nice and deep like that, yes, yes,” I yelled. “Fuck yes, all of it, I want all of it. Oh fuck yes, I can feel you getting harder and it feels so fucking good. Oh fuck!” He turned me to the side so one leg was bent to my left and the other was all the way over my head and squeezed my breast.

“Let me taste that cum all over your dick,” I told him. 

“Oh fuck, fuck,” he moaned as I got down and sucked his dick again. I could tell he was getting close as I deep-throated him then used my hand to jerk him off while I sucked on his head. “Oh, yeah,” he moaned. But I wasn’t ready for it to be over yet. 

“I want it back inside me,” I demanded. “Stand up and fuck me.”

He lifted one of my legs up and used his other hand to keep me balanced. “Oh, fuck, that pussy is so wet for you,” I said. I leaned forward and put my hands on the bed as he fucked me doggy style, putting one leg on the bed to my side so he could get even deeper. ”Oh yes, fuck yes, my pussy is so fucking wet, oh my god, right there. Are you gonna cum?”

“Do you want me to cum?”

I answered his question with my hands, jerking him off right onto my face and into my mouth. He groaned as cum dripped down my tits. “So much cum,” I remarked. I cupped my own breast and stared up at him to make sure he could see what I meant. Of course, that’s when Dave walked back in, but I was too high off what had just happened to care. 

“The pool boy on our bed? What is this shit?” he asked. Jordi took off running, and Dave started chasing him, apparently oblivious to my involvement in the matter. “Well,” I said to myself, the cum still dripping down my body, “I think I could use a dip.”


“I think I could use a dip.”