Hitting the A-Spot Feels so Good


This Vice piece by Zoe Ligon delves into the A-spot. Read an excerpt below, then the full story here:

“When I was 19, I didn’t use my hands to masturbate. By then, I’d realized that what I needed was something longer and bigger. Something that would get at… whatever the heck was back there that I couldn’t reach. Instead, I went out and got myself a lengthy jelly dong. It was shiny, purple, and veiny. The dildo was comically longer than I needed—at least nine inches in length and two inches in girth—but it would do. With lots of lube, I awkwardly mounted and tried to sit down on the dong, gently applying as much weight and pressure onto the base as possible. Suddenly, something new was accessed. It was like I’d discovered a new door in a house I’d lived in for a long, long time. It felt like some part of my vaginal canal expanded, unfurling to its full potential. At that point, I barely understood my clit, much less my cervix and vaginal canal, so it would be a long time before I ever heard a name for this place. But, oh, it has a name: the anterior fornix, or the “A-spot.”