The Beer and Vape Collab of Your Dreams in Here

The holidays are a time of celebration for surviving the year and spending quality time with loved ones. There’s even more reason to celebrate at this year’s Danksgiving thanks to Lagunitas collaboration with AbstractXtracts called SuperCritical. The legendary craft beer company and California’s leading cannabis manufacturer have made achieving the perfect mix of alcohol and marijuana a seemless adventure.

The collaboration features a limited edition hops flavored cannabis oil filled vape cartridge. They come in two distinct flavors: Hop Cannon has a hoppy, IPA-style flavor, and Stereoterpical is reminiscent of a crisp, citrusy ale. It also features a Lagunita IPA flavored with Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookie cannabis oils. The beer does not contain any THC.

The collaboration born out of the two companies only made sense. “We’ve always noticed a lot of similarities between our industries, we wanted to see what we could come up with if we started brainstorming together,” said Lagunitas.

SuperCritical cartridges can be found at licensed California cannabis dispensaries. Lagunitas Super Critical was a Limited Edition batch, but you can keep you're eyes peeled for more coming soon!