Stoned Sex: Can CBD Make Sex Better without THC?


Sophie Saint Thomas discusses sex with CBD for this Merry Jane article. Read an excerpt below, and the full piece here:

“Stoners agree: Having sex while high is fun. Just the smell of weed turns me on because it reminds me of how much fun high sex is — and yes, I include my college boyfriend and all his tapestries in that sentiment. But the phrase “high sex is fun” is far more complicated when broken down. Cannabis can lower inhibitions and heighten senses (including touch), and it can increase emotional connection with your partner. So, if you’ve ever felt the urge to blurt out, “I love you” after sex, be careful after your next stoned orgasm. But since marijuana isn’t legal in all states, and our government considers it a Schedule I substance, not everyone has access to reliable and quality cannabis. And who wants to wait around for legalization?”