Prodigal Daughter: NSFW Interviews Donna Trumplova


The American dream is an ideal that is redefined with each successive generation. Coined in 1931, the phrase carries a consistent thread of the promise for success, happiness, and freedom. However, the concept has grown stale in the eyes of millennials. How can it find common ground with a generation facing an unprecedented political climate and constant social media bombardment? In an age where worth is measured in social reach and a psychopath sits in the Oval Office, where does one go to realize the remaining shreds of that picket fence?

Enter Donna Trumplova: kitsch performance artist, instagram model-and “third daughter of Donald J. Trump”. With her subversive variety show and growing presence in the Brooklyn art scene, the Russian transplant (who claims her Mother met the Covfefe-in-Chief while working as a stripper) is making a mark. Be it posing seductively with KFC to the tune of a thousand plus likes and shares, or expertly navigating a Milo Yiannopoulos book release party, the KGB bombshell may just be the hero America needs. We sat down to ask her all about her work, her interests, and of course, Daddy dearest.

NSFW Hi Donna! So first off, I'd be remiss if I didn't ask-now that you’re in America, why don't you live in the White House with your Father?

DT I always asking my self this question. When my father coming to Moscow in 1987 he meeting my mother and they falling in love. She work as the star striptease dancer back then, not some massage lady. I was born nine month later but my mother becoming sad cuz after she moving home to Siberia he pretend like we not exist. My father never ever giving her any money like he giving to this American porno actress Stormy McDaniels. Any way last year when he become the President, I decided to leave Russia and finally meet him. I was very nervous coming to NYC as a new Asian immigrant where I not knowing any body. Specially when I go to Trump Tower and they not letting me to penthouse or even send my father a message. They only laughing and making fun of me. Same thing later at the White House. I discover for first time what kind of misogynies women truly facing in America today. Not nice at all and the struggle is real.

NSFW How is your relationship with Ivanka like? Melania?

DT I have nothing against Melania. I like her style and she is the most liked of all Trumps in polls now, may be cuz she not talking very much? With my sister Ivanka is more complicated. I love her of course cuz she my sister. But to be hundo-P honest with you I am also having some bad feelings about Ivanka cuz my father give her all his love and time and Dolce & Gabbana shoes whenever she want while I must be living in Zheleznogorsk with knock off Adidas and even no hot water. Also I admit I not really like Ivanka’s style cuz she usually dressing like the twelve year old girl who never leave Saint Petersburg boarding school.

NSFW Fair. How did you get involved with the variety show (Donna Trumplova and the Siberian Sex Circus)?

DT First few months in NYC I getting money by doing the poll dances and the lap dances also. In the club I working there many generous gentleman and one night a regular asking me if I like to be the host of the variety show he producing. He was saying it like “real 80s New York cable excess show” and I think this is just perfect since my father love 80s and I can show I am the real ratings machine just like him. Unfortunately I had to be ending it all early because I getting sexual harassments from the producers and cast and crew.

NSFW Sorry to hear that. How did you go about finding the performers and interviewees for the show?

DT This very good question. At first I getting many of my poll dance coworkers from strip club coming on show. They performed new routines I make up about Soviet disco divas or popular 4Chan memes. Whatever I think of when I doing the banya or Ayahuasca retreats in Williamsburg. Then I also was inviting the artists and standup comedians I meet at cocaine cocktail clubs like The Box or Paul Sevigny’s Baby Grand. But I also happy now to be in California where peoples are more chill and boring so I can be doing the detox. Is great cuz I also have more time now to read important books by my favorite philosophers like Tony Robbins or Dalai Llama.


NSFW Did you reach out at all to your Father to be a guest?

DT Of course this my biggest life dream. Every body complaining that Donald Trump is no good — Marla Maples complaining that she not the first lady, Dems complaining that he doing the #FakeNews, prostitutes complaining that they need to be spanking him. But how do you think I feel? He hurting me more than he hurt any body. This neglect causing real emotional drama when the only real male roll models in my child hood was my Uncle Bogdan and cousin Traktor. I would like to talk to him about my ‘Daddy issues’ in as mindful and woke way possible so we can then just be focusing on future.

NSFW What, if anything, surprised you during the show? What surprises you about your fan base?

DT One thing really surprising to me is when on same episode I having the dancer from alt-Right terrorist group and the hard core music band from ANTIFA terrorist group. And how they all getting along perfect and we painting Easter eggs together. This the kind of magic I like to be creating on my show. You just need to be treating people as people and forget all these labels. Honestly my fans are the best in whole universe. I have so many folks from all different strokes — Black Lives Matter, the Kekistani Pepe Frogs, Islamic Crossdressers, Mexican Dreamers, Cambo millennials, the MeToos, the Show Bobs and Vegenas, and of course the Pussy Marchers.

NSFW Jumping back to Daddy-what do you have to say about some of his recent comments? What is your take on "shithole" countries?

DT Honestly is not fun to be living in a shithole country. Is much more fun to be living in country with the ginormous house made of golden marble. But of course this is not for every body. Since I becoming vegan and making the Chakra crystal healing I starting to think may be it is ALL relative. What I mean is if you living in NYC, Alabama probably seeming like the shithole place to you. But if you are one living in Alabama than may be you considering Siberia the real shithole. Even we Siberians considering our neighbors in Chechnya to be living in some unlivable shithole. And I am sure even the Chechen neckbeards seeing place like Haiti as the ultimate mega shithole. So I think is good to travel and educate yourself.

NSFW What is coming up for you?

DT Very soon I am planning to become famous AF and be America’s most loved super star in every house hold. Then I am sure my Daddy will see and finally appreciate me. This week I am in Hollywood for meetings with TV networks. And while in Los Angeles I doing a photo shoot for Vogue Italia and also making the PSA and tutorial about how to punch the Nazis. Then when Spring come I planning to open the orgasmic meditation school for lonely grandmothers in Russia.


NSFW What would you like people to take away from your work?

DT Just like I am loving and embracing all peoples, I would like Americans to start loving each other more, start having true dialogue about problems. Not just being hate full and pointing fingers to each other. People need to go out of the comfort zone and talking to other types of people, actually trying to understand them. Express feelings in honest way but also try to do more listening instead of just talking.

NSFW Finally-world peace or KFC?

DT World peace is a good goal but I think also this might take away too many of the fun personalities. What I mean is the only truly peaceful matter is the dead matter. So unless we wanting to kill every body maybe we should start accepting some conflict. Start making the art and exchanging the ideas instead of going into the safe spaces and just watching PornHubs. That’s why Donna preferring #ExtraCrispy to world peace any day.