A Look Inside the Sexiest Trans-Inclusive Strip Night in America


Take a look inside a trans-inclusive strip night in this Vice piece by Daniel Spielberger. Read an excerpt below, the view the full article here:

“Strip nights usually don’t begin with political speeches. But Jolene, the first trans-inclusive event run by a trans person in Los Angeles at Cheetahs nightclub, started on a serious note. Bella Bathory, a sex worker advocate and one of the event’s cisgender organizers, encouraged the neon-lit bar's audience members to go beyond social media activism by giving trans women “job opportunites, giving them fucking housing,” and “donating to [their] causes.” During her call-to-arms, dancers recited the names of trans women murdered in 2019. Once the sobering preface ended, an escapist spectacle commenced—acts included a sultry dance to Lana Del Rey’s “Fuck It I Love You” and a blowtorch-hairspray extravaganza set to The Prodigy’s “Firestarter.”