9 Ways To Incorporate Weed Into Your Personal Aesthetic

There’s toking up and then there’s making pot part of who you are. Looking to extend your appreciation for the herb beyond the smoking sesh? Look no further than our official High Times guide on how to incorporate weed into your personal aesthetic.

Remember that an aesthetic isn’t just based on what or who you wear. Your decor, your weeknight wind down, your social media … these are all aspects of your aesthetic. This means that there are endless ways to make your life a little more 420-friendly. Here are some of our favorite ways to show our love for our favorite plant.

Express Yourself Through High Fashion

In every sense of the term. Today, high fashion is in the midst of a passionate love affair with marijuana. So take a page from Rihanna’s playbook and make weed a fashion statement.

Options abound when it comes to runway-ready 420 fashion. Check out Alexander Wang’s marijuana-themed collection, The Elder Statesman’s cashmere marijuana-themed sweaters, or Palm Angels’ golden ganja leaf loafers.

From Rihanna to Hugh Hefner, marijuana counts some major fashion icons amongst its most staunch supporters.


Invest In Weed Art

Marijuana has been inspiring artists since time immemorial. Pay homage to the herb by decorating your home with marijuana-inspired photography or paintings, or even investing in some artful glass bongs. There’s no reason your weed paraphernalia shouldn’t be a work of art in itself.

For those hoping to bring weed art to the next level, take a look at some dab art. This could mean making your own or ogling at some high-resolution photos.

Additionally, these are all great ways to support local marijuana artists and low key tell your houseguests that you support legalization.


Make Your Social Media Presence 420-Friendly

Speaking of photography, you should follow Instagram’s truly awe-inspiring marijuana accounts, including our dank insta. In the 21st century, a great way to incorporate weed into your personal aesthetic is through social media. This can range from reposting ridiculously high quality grow porn or for the true enthusiast, building your own weed-centric Instagram account.

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all great tools to discover weed influencers and keep up with the latest weed news. Being up-to-date on cannabis is the best way to incorporate weed into your personal aesthetic.


Develop A Green Thumb

Weed is also called the herb, after all. The best way to understand our revered plant is to get down and dirty, literally, by growing your own. Don’t worry: We’ll help you.

Itching to find out whether hydro is better than soil? Looking to grow your weed outside, guerrilla style? Hoping to go to weed cultivation school? No matter how you want to grow your herb, we have guides to get you in the green.

For those who don’t have time or space to grow, just learning about the growing process and understanding where your marijuana comes from can be a rewarding experience. As with food, it’s important to know what you’re putting in your body. What does a Seattle-based artisanal weed grow op look like? These are the important questions for true weed lovers.


Work Out With Weed

We’re only beginning to discover how marijuana helps the body, but what we know so far is astounding. THC can reduce fatigue and trigger the production of the body’s natural steroid equivalent. This means that marijuana can be great for working out, whether you’re going for a run or training for the Olympics.

An easy way to incorporate marijuana into your workout is making a weed-infused protein shake. This can increase strength and focus. Cannabis is also a great tool for post-workout recovery. There are some great topicals for treating the aches and pains that can follow a hard workout. Smoking always works, too.


Make Marijuana Part of Your Relationships

There are endless ways to incorporate weed into your personal aesthetic through your relationships. Check out these innovative ways to keep you and your stoned buddies entertained for hours.

In addition to cracking you up with friends, marijuana can have incredible effects on romantic relationships. This can mean a lot of things, but, most importantly weed helps you have better sex. People who smoke weed have an average of 20 percent more sex than those who don’t.

Not only do people who smoke weed have more sex, but it’s generally more fulfilling. Weed can be a powerful aphrodisiac. There’s still a lot of research left to do on the effects of marijuana on the human orgasm. And a fun way to incorporate weed into your personal aesthetic is by doing some of this research yourself.

You can smoke weed, eat some marijuana-infused chocolate or use weed lube. Especially for women, weed can help you reach orgasm or make penetration less uncomfortable.

Additionally, weed can have a great effect on family life. New research shows that smoking marijuana can reduce domestic violence.


Advocate For Legalization

Being politically active has always been something the cool kids did. And what better cause to support than legalization?

There are a lot of ways to become a marijuana legalization activist. You can attend festive protests like Hash Bash, support local marijuana initiatives like these parents in Louisiana or vote/volunteer for pro-marijuana politicians.

For those in New York, pay attention to what gubernatorial candidates Cynthia Nixon and Andrew Cuomo are saying about recreational marijuana.

As always, you can get involved with your local NORML chapter. This can mean giving the cannabis legalization movement access to your professional skills, like offering legal advice.


Add Cannabis To Your Skincare Routine

When people hear ‘aesthetic’, the first thing they think of is appearance. And if you’re asked how you treat a chronic skin condition or fight breakouts, you could answer ‘cannabis’.

Skincare experts are using marijuana to cure a host of conditions. Due to cannabis’ interactions with the human endocannabinoid system, the herb can help maintain homeostasis in the body. A disruption of this equilibrium can cause breakouts. In this way, marijuana offers a natural alternative to toxic pharmaceutical products and clear your skin.

Cannabis can also treat serious skin conditions. From psoriasis to eczema, marijuana topicals can reduce inflammation and fight the bacteria causing this inflammation, redness and itchiness.

Even if you don’t have a skin condition, cannabis can be a great addition to your skincare regime. You can even make a cannabis-infused charcoal face mask.


Unwind With the Herb

This can happen in the kitchen or on the couch. If you’re looking to up the ante with your weed-loving friends or partner, try incorporating the herb into your cooking. We have some drool-worthy recipes for the entertainer, the diet enthusiast and the sweet tooth.

Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or a jam-packed Superbowl party, there’s always a way to add weed to your meal. And you even make weed-infused drinks! Check out our recipes for cannabis kombuchamatcha and bubble tea.

Marijuana often stimulates creativity, so why not get creative with the herb?  From buying marijuana-themed artwork to working out with weed, there are endless ways that weed can enhance your life. Try one of these awesome ways to incorporate weed into your personal aesthetic today.

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