How To Hide The Smell Of Weed

Whether you’re in a state with legalized marijuana or not, the smell of cannabis can attract unwanted attention. If you don’t want your neighbors, roommates, landlord, boss or parents to catch on to your habit, you’re going to have to learn how to hide the smell of weed. If you have a room with a window you can probably get high without anyone knowing. There are also ways to hide the smell of weed when you’re on-the-go. We’ll cover multiple techniques to keep the smell of weed and its smoke to a minimum.

Proper Storage

Do you get anxious wondering if anyone nearby can smell your weed?

When it comes to hiding the smell of weed at home, you’ll need the proper storage equipment. You won’t be hiding any smells keeping a Ziploc bag of weed in a drawer or your pocket. If you’re living at home you might have to have an awkward talk with your mom when you get home.

Something airtight like a mason jar or vacuum-sealed bag is best for containing the smell of cannabis flowers.

There are also products designed to contain the smell of cannabis on-the-go. Dube tubes are perfect for carrying pre-rolled joints or blunts around.

Similarly, Skunk creates discreet designer bags lined with activated carbon which traps odors from items larger than a pre-roll.

As a result, they’re perfect for cannabis consuming commuters who don’t want everyone around them knowing they’ve got weed on them.

Towel Under The Door

If you’re trying to hide the smell of a session, the first step you want to take is putting a towel down in front of the bottom of the door of the room you’re in. Even grinding your weed, dabbing and vaping are detectable on the other side of an untoweled door.

If you don’t want anyone outside of the room to know what you’re up to a towel is necessary.

Just dampen a towel and use it to fill any gaps between the floor and door. This will work with most doors but some have large enough cracks in the sides of the door to allow smoke to seep through anyway.

If toweling the door isn’t an option you’ll probably have to smoke outdoors. Take caution when smoking cannabis outdoors because even most states with legalized marijuana won’t let you smoke it in public.

Window & Fan

Once you’ve got the towel in place you can move onto ventilation. Location is everything. A room with no ventilation will do nothing to keep the smell of weed at bay.

If you’re trying to hide the smell, you’ll probably want it all out of the room as soon as possible. So the next precaution you’ll want to take is finding a room with a window.

A fan will clear the smell out of the room ASAP. Point the fan so that air is pushed out the window. That way, all the smoke in the room will eventually find its way out. It helps to exhale behind the fan so all the smoke can get shot right out of the window.

If you have a specific room you plan to consume your cannabis in regularly, consider purchasing an air purifier to eliminate the odors of weed smoke as its created.

No Papers

The quickest way to give away the fact that you’re smoking weed is to roll a joint or blunt and spark it. Papers will stay lit the whole time you’re smoking, constantly adding to the smell.

Not to mention, it could two days to get the smell of stale smoke from a session out of a room. Unless you plan to smoke with your whole head out the window the entire time, we wouldn’t recommend using cigars, cigarillos or rolling papers to smoke your weed.

If you insist on smoking, you’re better off using a pipe.

Pack One Hitters

Much like the issue with papers, a bowl can stay lit after a hit is finished allowing trails of smoke to spread and stink up the area. The less cannabis smoke in the air, the better.

A good way to keep smells down when smoking bowls, bubblers or bongs is to only pack as much as you can smoke in one hit.

There should be no cherry and nothing but ash left by the time you’re done inhaling.

Exhale directly out of the window to keep the amount of smoke and smell in the room to a minimum.


The name sploof sounds silly but having one around helps to eliminate a good portion of the smells from a smoke session. It’s a device that you blow smoke into to reduce the smell of smoke.

You can make your own sploof with a finished paper towel or toilet roll filled with dryer sheets. One end should have a dryer sheet rubber banded or taped on.

There are also products filled with activated carbon that will filter second-hand smoke like the Smoke Buddy and Sploofy.

If you’re exhaling all of your smoke through a sploof at the back of a fan and only packing one-hitters there should be little to no smoke in the air.


The smell of vapor doesn’t linger or travel as far as smoke would. It won’t stick to your clothes either. A piece of gum or a breath mint after a vape session should be enough to keep the smell of weed off of you. However, the vaporization process can be smelly so you’ll still want to towel your door and use a fan.

The best devices for keeping the smell of weed to a minimum are THC cartridges filled with oils that no longer have the natural scent of cannabis.

Distillates are ideal because terpenes are removed during the distillation process. Many cartridges reintroduce terpenes later on in the process but some don’t taste or smell like cannabis.

The smell of vaporized cannabis or cannabis concentrates isn’t as intense as smoke outdoors. As long as the cloud of visible vapor isn’t traveling directly towards someone nearby, nobody will know you’re getting high.

Candles, Incense & Spray

The last resort to hiding the smell of weed indoors is to cover it up with the smell of something else.

There are smoke-eliminating candles, sprays and, when all else fails, there’s good old incense.

In our experience air fresheners haven’t been as effective. Lighting a smoke-eliminating candle prior to the start of the session is the way to start tackling the problem before it even starts.

Final Hit: How To Hide The Smell Of Weed

If you’re trying to hide the smell of weed, air fresheners aren’t going to cut it. It’ll just smell like air freshener and weed. If you smoked recently, you may need eye drops, gum and a change of clothes to keep anyone from catching on.

Now you know how to hide the smell of weed in multiple ways. So there’s no reason to get caught slipping.

It can be a hassle but if you need to be discreet it’s best to take the necessary precautions.

Combining several of these techniques is the key to successfully learning how to hide the smell of weed.

You can take puffs when nobody is looking and put the vaporizer in a pocket when you’re not hitting it.


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