11 Sex Toys That Are Perfect For Trying With a New Partner


We love this article featuring good, introductory toys to use with a new sexual partner. Read an excerpt of the Amber Petty article for Bustle below, then find the full story here:

“Sure, when you hear sex toys, you usually think of dildos or vibrators. And yes, there are a few of those included on the list. But if that doesn't sound like it's for you (and that's totally OK if it's not!), there are so many other types of products to explore. For instance, sometimes a really good body oil is all you need: It smells great, and it's a wonderful excuse to make somebody give you a massage. Or, maybe you'd like to try out some light bondage? There are sex toys that include blindfolds and handcuffs that are incredibly easy to use. (Plus, you can always use the blindfold as a sleeping mask for later, so it's sexy and practical.)”