The Woman Behind the Crystal Sex Revolution


Vanessa Cuccia believes in the journey. An entrepreneur in the realm of the sexually spiritual, her Chakrubs products are designed to help lead you along a path-- through the use of these beautifully crafted crystal sex toys, you will get to know your own sacred sexuality, and redefine your relationship to your sexual self. This weekend, we will celebrate with Vanessa as she reaches a milestone in her own path-- the release of her book, Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasure: Awaken Your Sensual Energy Using Crystals and Healing Rituals, One Chakra at a Time. We met with Vanessa to gain insights into the development of the book, and learn about her hopes for its reception. Join us this Friday at 8pm at the Museum of Sex for the release party! Get your access pass here


When you first started Chakrubs, did you always have it in mind that you'd write a book? Do you see it as a supplement to the Chakrubs practice?

I remember sitting on my stoop in California with a friend of mine when I was still in the early stages of starting my business. We were discussing the philosophies behind the product, and he suggested that I write a book. I kept a journal at that time and I remember scribbling in it, “Chakrubs Book" on a page filled with other ideas. I failed English in high school when I wouldn’t complete my term paper - because of that I was skeptical to take on this project. But I think on some level I have been working on it since that night in 2012. This book goes beyond the use of Chakrubs and into how we can use crystals as a support system for self-discovery and sensuality. It explores the mission behind my company, which is, “Know thyself and thou shalt know the universe and God."


You describe the book as "A guide for health, well being, sexual therapy, and opening up the chakras to love using the power of crystals." What else can we expect while reading?

I think the experience will be different for everyone depending on where they are in their journey. For those who are new to crystal healing and using pleasure as a compass, it will help them create a sensual practice and learn to work with crystals in a way that supports their self-development and growth. For those who are more experienced, it can help them deepen their practices and learn more about the link between crystals and our chakra system. Readers can also expect to learn a lot about me, including an in-depth history into how Chakrubs was created and my personal journey to sexual wellness and wholeness.


What was the writing process like for you? What was it most important for you to include?

The entire book felt very purposeful and necessary to me. Sensuality and sexuality are not typically embraced by the spiritual community and so it was important for me to demonstrate through the book how pleasure impacts every facet of our lives and how we can harness that energy through crystals and the chakra system. The writing process taught me a lot about myself, who I am as a creative, and what an amazing support system I have around me. I was able to involve (to my great honor) my sister Rachel Cuccia in the process of creating this book. She took all the photos that appear of me.


How do you think the release of the book will impact people’s discussions of crystals?

I hope that it will allow people to see the usefulness of crystals, even if it's just embracing their ability to infuse beauty into a space. Beyond that, I think the book has the potential to shift the way we look at crystals and even the planet earth. After all, crystals come from the earth, so when we enter into an intentional relationship with them it changes how we view and take care of our planet as well as ourselves.


Have you tried every practice in your book? Which is your favorite?

Yes, these are my regular practices that I felt compelled to share after reading so many testimonials from customers seeking to go deeper in their practices. My favorite at the moment is the Third Eye Ritual. This one takes you through the process of learning how to be lucid while dreaming in order to uncover and experience repressed sexual fantasies in a dream state.  


Were there any parts you struggled to write?

I think I may have struggled most with the conclusion! I wanted to express that there really is no ending to personal development and spiritual growth. The ending is truly just the beginning.


If readers only take away one message from your book, what do you hope it is?

It all goes back to our mission, "Know thyself and thou shalt know the Universe and God." It promotes the belief that all higher knowledge is gained by first learning ourselves and that our sensual being is an important aspect of that. It is my hope that the information and practices in the book will allow readers to know themselves more authentically and vulnerably and that they use that knowledge to manifest their unique purpose in the world.