Chakrubs takes over the Museum of Sex

Vanessa Cuccia leads a MastersClass inspired by her new book Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure. 

Vanessa Cuccia leads a MastersClass inspired by her new book Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure. 

Celebrating the launch of Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure (available now on Amazon) the New Society for Wellness co-hosted a party at MoSex for a few hundred guests. There author Vanessa Cuccia shared her experiences and the importance of crystals in sexual healing. 


The location couldn't have been more perfect considering that every piece in Chakrubs' collection can be considered a unique piece of art. Creative Director Jenny Sotelo created stunning displays featuring large minerals and Chakrubs in lit up frames to showcase the elements which inspire each piece. Flowers adorned the space, creating a restorative retreat for guests of the party. 


The evening began with a master class led by Cuccia to introduce her philosophy of Erotic Spirituality, a subject that is explored in the book. Sitar player Kevin Itwaru opened the class pairing his sound with the music streaming into the room from above.  


Helping lead into therapeutic meditations to get guests in the space of sensual awareness, Goddess Lola Jean demonstrated various techniques as Vanessa brought attendees to tears during her crystal singing bowl meditation. An inspiring scene where people felt truly connected to Cuccia's message. 


After the master class, the basement level was transformed into a meditative oasis, where guests enjoyed libido enhancing tinctures from Lynk Bar, oracle lead card readings and golden face painting. 


Upstairs, guests enjoyed flower adorned Canapés by Elisa and Crystal Sex and Coochie Cuccia cocktails inspired by the book and author. Once her meditation session was complete, Vanessa greeted the crowd on the main floor of the Museum, entering the 70's inspired room as a line formed for her book signing.


As fans stopped for photos, projections from a secret room showcased a live demonstration of the rituals in the book performed by artist Tourma Selene of the practices which have helped thousands find new peace in their lives.


The Chakrubs Pop-Up Shop at Museum of Sex

The Chakrubs Pop-Up Shop at Museum of Sex

Featuring music by Melizards, Katie Rex and Sapphogeist, the evening brought a few of Cuccia's closest friends and fans together to dance and celebrate under the 54-inspired disco balls.

Totally chakra-delic!

Check out our gallery of the evening below.




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