Catching up With Vanessa Cuccia at the Release Party for Chakrubs "Forest Line"

It’s nine on a Sunday night and Brooklyn’s Fitzcarraldo is filled with foliage and flowers - and all natural wooden sex toys. This Earth Day 2018 marked the launch of “The Forest Line”, Chakrubs latest line of natural and sustainable sex toys. Whimsically named for the Italian fables of her childhood, founder Vanessa Cuccia’s line includes such pieces as the “Sirenetta” and the “Aradia”. 

“The Forest Lines inspiration comes from fairytales and fables, and the moral of these stories is that you already have the magic within you,” says Cuccia. For the collection, Cuccia collaborated with artisanal dyer Cara Marie Piazza and eco-conscious pleasure line Nobessence, treating each piece with natural plant essences and patented finishes for a naturally colorful yet body-safe finish.

Forest Line Multi.jpg

Walking through the restaurant on Sunday (which also happened to be Cuccia’s birthday), one felt transported to the mythical world. The space featured multiple displays of both the new line and the original pieces, a “flower kissing booth”, and a fantastical menu by chef Elisa Da Prato:


“I was trying to think of a dinner party thrown for nymphs and Gods, held in the forest. It was a menu celebrating trees, specifically pine, and the energy of flowers. The flower bites are part of my ancient Roman recipe project, where I’m trying to envision passed finger foods at parties thrown by mythological figures. Most everything was local and organic, except for a couple of Italian imports which I justified by our shared heritage,” said Da Prato.

We stole Cuccia away for a few moments that evening to discuss the line, the collaboration process, and her future works.

Why did you decide to depart from your usual medium of crystals?

"It was never really about departing. When I started Chakrubs it was more about going with the earth and what was available to us. The Forest Lines inspiration comes from fairytales and fables and the moral of these stories is that you already have the magic within you and that has to do with the earth and what’s already there for you. Trees, flowers, they all have this essence that we’re searching for."

What inspired you about natural dyes?

"So Cara slid into my DMs and said we should collaborate, and I wondered if we could dye wood. Her process is so interesting. She muddles everything – flowers, their essence and metaphysical energy is infused into everything she does."


How was it working with another artist?

"It was so effortless and beautiful. We didn't know if it was going to work but it did and it turned out better then we ever imagined. We also partnered with Nobessence , and they are using their patented technology to coat everything to make it body safe and non-porous and smooth. Collaborating with these different companies has been really beautiful and natural."

Which is your favorite piece in the collection? Why?

"My favorite piece is probably the Sirenetta, which is the harness-able piece. It has beautiful curves and its inspired by ocean energy and sirens and its all about the combination masculine and feminine energy and mystery of the ocean."

Do you think this will affect future lines?

Photo courtesy of  Daniel Murtagh

Photo courtesy of Daniel Murtagh

"I think that this line shows people that it’s all about understanding what we already have at our disposal and recognizing and acknowledging the beauty and magic in us. This shows there are infinite possibilities when it comes to what we can access in terms of our spiritualty."

Cuccia says that this line marks not only a collaboration, but a point of inspiration for moving forward.  “I see myself using different materials in the future, I also see myself departing from working just with sex and adult lines-home décor, sculpture, and so on.” In the meantime, The Forest Line makes for a stunning edition to Chakrubs charming and disruptive line of pleasure tools.

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